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Danielle Gersh

Published Mon Apr 24 2023 By sush
Danielle Gersh

Danielle Gersh is an American meteorologist who currently works for CBS Los Angeles as a weathercaster. She has also worked for other news stations including KSBY in San Luis Obispo, California, and KESQ in Palm Springs, California. With her career in such news stations, she has earned a reputation as a trusted source of weather information

Through her education and experience, Danielle has developed a deep understanding of the science of meteorology and the skills necessary to effectively communicate weather information to the public.

Net Worth - Danielle Gersh Is A Millionaire

The net worth of Danielle Gersh is estimated to be about $2.5 million. She has also made money from her career as a TV meteorologist on various channels. 

Danielle Gersh on her social media
Danielle Gersh on her social media. (Source: Instagram @daniellegersh)

According to sources, Danielle's estimated salary is $101,650 annually. However, her salary varies from $50k to $110k depending on the topics she covers. 

Moreover, she also comes from a well-off background. She went to expensive private schools in the United States. Also, she also has a horse and had horse riding classes when she grew up.

Early Life Details

Danielle was brought up in Los Angeles and grew up in Westlake Village, in the west end of L.A. County. Her parents are Jack Gersh and Lori Gersh. However, according to sources, her father died when she was still young and so she was brought up by her mother alone. 

Danielle Gersh's childhood picture with her mother and brother.
Danielle Gersh's childhood picture with her mother and brother. (Source: Instagram @daniellegersh)

Danielle also has a brother named Ethan Gersh. As reported, to raise Danielle and her brother, their mother, Lori started working as a professional organizer and estate clearing. 

Deep Background In Meteorology

Danielle Gersh has a solid educational background in the field of meteorology. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology from the University of Kansas in 2011

During Danielle's time at the University, she was a member of the Kansas Storm Chase Team, which helped her gain valuable experience in the field of weather forecasting.

In addition to her Bachelor's degree, Danielle also completed a Certificate in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University. This program is considered to be one of the top broadcast meteorology programs in the country and is recognized by the American Meteorological Society.

A Quick Look At Danielle Gersh & Thomas Love Married Life

Did you know that Danielle Gersh is married? The stunning beauty has long been wed to her partner, Thomas Love. In fact, she has even started using his surname in her Instagram profile.

Danielle Gersh posted a picture with her husband, Thomas Love.
Danielle Gersh posted a picture with her husband, Thomas Love. (Source: Instagram @daniellegersh)

Danielle and her boyfriend tied the knot in a private ceremony in October 2022. However, Danielle has refrained from talking much about her relationship. Though she keeps posting pictures of them on her social media, she doesn't mention his name. 

And so, though her fans know that they are married, they don't know about the specifics, since Danielle never provided them. However, as can be seen, she is happy with her life now. And that's all we are happy to see. 

Career Highlights 

Danielle began her journalism career as a Production Assistant at CBS2/KCAL9 in Los Angeles, where she worked behind the scenes to produce news content. Danielle then worked as a weather anchor and reporter for CBS KCOY in Santa Maria, California. During her time there, she covered several weather-related events, including wildfires and floods.

After that, Danielle worked as a weather anchor and reporter for CBS KION in Salinas, California. She covered several major news stories, including the Soberanes Fire, which was one of the biggest wildfires in California's history. She then joined as a meteorologist and reporter for CBS Sacramento in Sacramento, California. While there, she covered several major weather events, including the Oroville Dam crisis, which forced the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people.

In 2017, Danielle returned to CBS2/KCAL9 in Los Angeles as a weather anchor and reporter. She currently appears on the station's morning and evening newscasts, where she delivers weather updates and covers breaking news stories.

Animal Lover: Volunteer For Animal Welfare

Danielle Gersh is a well-known animal lover and is actively involved in various philanthropic activities that reflect her passion for animal welfare and making a positive impact in her community. One of her main volunteer activities is working at animal shelters, where she helps to care for animals and raise awareness about animal welfare issues. 

Moreover, Danielle has also volunteered at several animal shelters in California, including the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA. In addition to volunteering, Danielle has also worked with several organizations that promote animal welfare, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and Best Friends Animal Society.

Danielle has also participated in several fundraising events over the years, including the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA's Wiggle Waggle Walk, which raises funds for animal welfare programs.

Owns A Dog And A Horse

As an animal lover, Danielle has a dog and a horse as part of her family. While she has named her dog Seb. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. In fact, he has his own Instagram account. And, her horse is named Pixie. She is a beautiful mare with a chestnut coat.

Danielle Gersh with her husband, Thomas Love, her dog, Sebastian, and her horse, Pixie.
Danielle Gersh with her husband, Thomas Love, her dog, Sebastian, and her horse, Pixie. (Source: Instagram @daniellegersh)

If you take a look at her social media handles, you can see that she posts about them quite frequently. Her followers are well familiar with them and share their love. Moreover, did you know that Danielle is an equestrian? 

When Danielle was in her high school, she was the team captain of her high school equestrian team. And when she was on the team, they also became varsity champions in the Interscholastic Equestrian League.  high point.

Danielle also has a tallied record of 4-5 as a freshman on the flat and has scored victories in matchups over San Diego State, UT-Martin, Texas A&M, and TCU.

Philanthropic Activities

Apart from animal welfare, Danielle has also been involved in supporting cancer research. In 2019, she participated in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's "Light The Night" walk to raise funds for cancer research.

While Danielle is best known for her philanthropic activities related to animal welfare and cancer research, she has also been involved in various other charitable causes. For instance, she has volunteered with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which provides food to people in need throughout the greater Los Angeles area. She has also worked with the Junior League of Los Angeles, a women's organization that supports local community programs and initiatives.

In addition to her volunteer work, Danielle has used her platform as a journalist to promote charitable causes and raise awareness about important issues. For instance, she has covered stories about local organizations that support individuals with disabilities and their families, bringing attention to the challenges they face and the important work being done to help them. She has also covered stories about environmental issues, including efforts to reduce plastic waste and conserve water.

Social Media Handles

On Instagram, Danielle is available as @daniellegersh. However, she doesn't have a much bigger community and has just over 24.5k followers. 

Equestrian Danielle Gersh on her social media.
Equestrian Danielle Gersh on her social media. (Source: Instagram @daniellegersh)

Similarly, Danielle is also active on Twitter as @DanielleGersh. Moreover, she has an even smaller presence on the platform with just over 9k followers. 



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