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Dan Reynolds' $20 Million Net Worth - House in Nevada to $1.3 Million Mustang

Published Sat Sep 21 2019 By aisha
Dan Reynolds' $20 Million Net Worth - House in Nevada to $1.3 Million Mustang

Dan Reynolds is a well-known American singer who has accumulated $20 million net worth through singing, songwriting and producing a record and is known as the best rock musician in the world. 

He is the lead singer of the band 'Imagine Dragon' with the only original member who remained from the band since 2008. The band has given very successful hits like Believer, Thunder, Radioactive which was one of the biggest hits of all time. 

Earning through his music career

Dan with his band Imagine Dragons
Dan with his band Imagine Dragons
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Dan being a singer is a fortune for him, form where he has amassed that huge net worth of $20 million. His main source of income is from his music career since 2008 from Imagine Dragons. 

The band produced numerous music which was a big hit and gained huge profit from it which helped Dan to get this amazing net worth.  

Imagine Dragon has sold 12 million albums and 35 million singles worldwide till now. The Band's second single 'Radioactive' sold more than 7 million singles in the United States and earned $5,596,000 throughout the year and the song was on the Billboard Hot 100 for over 87 weeks.

Then the song 'Demon' sold more than 5 million copies in the United States which was on the 8th position of most downloaded songs in rock history. Likewise, their song Thunder came in 9th position of the best-selling song in the United States which sold 1,189,00 copies within a year. 

House in Vegas

Dan's house view from up above
Dan's house view from up above 
Image Source: Virtual Globetrotting

Dan owns a house in Las Vegas, Nevada, the US which is worth $686,700 which includes 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a huge garage which can fit 4 to 5 cars in it, a swimming pool and a big ground with huge trees on it.  

Car - Eleanor Mustang

Dan owns a 1967 Eleanor Mustang worth $1.3 million which is the most expensive Mustang ever sold. He told Bodie Stroud, who is a builder of classic cars to build him a Mustang 67, on his own by giving it a little creative twist to it which cost more than $1.3 million to Dan. 

Earning from YouTube 

The band Imagines Dragon have their own YouTube channel in which they upload their all songs with over 19.6 million subscribers. 

On average a YouTuber earns $3 - $5 per 1,000 views so the video-song 'Radioactive' which was published on December 10, 2012, got over 1.0 billion views and 6.1 million likes on YouTube and is in the list of most liked music Videos. 

On May 3, 2017 the video-song 'Thunder' got 1.2 billion viewers and 7.3 million likes and is the most-viewed videos on YouTube channel. The video-song 'Believer' has over 1.1 billion viewers and 10 million likes and is the most-liked video on YouTube. 

Charity events 

Dan connecting with TRF family
Dan connecting with TRF family
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Dan doesn't have his own charity but supports many charity and foundations like GLAAD Love Loud foundation, The Trevor Project, and Tyler Robinson Foundation. As Tyler Robinson Foundation was founded by Imagine Dragons to support childhood cancer patients and raise money for those who can't raise money for the treatments.  

Dan has raised $1 million at second Love Loud music fest for five charities of LGBTQ youth to provide them with the suicide prevention services. 

In one of his Live peformance in Italy, TRF raised 3.2 million for cancer vicitims and thanked them by saying you raised 3.2 million for pediatric cancer families which helped the cancer warriors to fight and have a bright day ahead. 

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