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Can You Believe Dan Katz He Took $180,000 Per Episode As a Salary for "Pardon My Take"

Published Tue Mar 02 2021 By riya
Can You Believe Dan Katz He Took $180,000 Per Episode As a Salary for "Pardon My Take"

DID YOU KNOW?: Barstool Sports is a kinda sports that covers the amplifying highlights and up-to-the-minute news of every day and every second of the particular day with the help of videos, blogs, podcasts, and social media.  

How Rich is Big Cat? - Net Worth

The professional podcaster Big Cat or Dan Katz has millions of dollars earned from his work on Barstool Sports and his own podcasting. He is estimated to have over $2 Million as of 2020.

Dan is a co-host of the "Pardon My Take"  listened to by about 2 million listeners. He is paid up to $180,000 for each episode.

Dan on Barstool Sports

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When sports went down, he streamed on Twitch. He played games such as Coach Duggs, PS3 game, and NCAA Football 14 in Twitch. Through this, he earned much profit.

His streamed game on Twitch recorded a number of viewers. Katz streaming recently broke the 100k mark for his national championship game.

From all the podcasting work he has done so far, there's no question about his ability to become a millionaire.

How did he become a millionaire?

Dan started his work in 2008 on Barstool sports. In 2017 Dan "Big Cat" Katz and his co-host PFT Commenter were listed as the no. 1 sports media talents under 40. He also worked as a writer for The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston in the same year.

Katz also appeared on the TV series: SportsCenter, The Ryen Russillo Show, Pro Football Talk Live, and ABC News Nightline, and many others. 

He co-hosted ESPN's televised version of the Pardon My Take. He earned a very high amount from this work too.

Apart from viewers, the show received a very delighted welcome from ESPN's female members because Barstool has a very high reputation.

He was paid a decent amount for all his works.

Dan Katz, aka "Big Cat," is an American writer and podcaster. Katz worked for Barstool Sports first and started his professional career as a podcast after that.

Dan is a native American who was born on Jan 30, 1985, in Chicago, USA. He is one of the highly paid podcasters in the podcast crew of Barstool Sports "Pardon My Take."