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Dan Avidan's $3 Million Net Worth - Know How He Earned This Fortune

Published Thu Dec 12 2019 By DGM
Dan Avidan's $3 Million Net Worth - Know How He Earned This Fortune

The famous American singer-songwriter, actor, musician, comedian, and internet personality Leigh Daniel Avidan aka Danny Sexbang holds a whopping net worth of $3 million from his successful multiple professions.

Danny earned the majority of his wonderful fortune from every profession he is involved in. Here is some information about the massive number of the musician and actor:

Massive $3 Million Net Worth

Dan Avidan currently has an estimated net worth of $3 million which he amassed from his fruitful career in multiple professions such as comedian, internet influencer, actor,and musician.

Succesful Singing Career

The 40 years old artist earned the majority of his fame and money in the field of music working as a singer and songwriter. He is the founder and one half of the famous comedy musical duo 'Ninja Sex Party' along with Brian Wecht. He formed the duo back in 2009 in New York City but currently is based on Los Angeles.

A picture of Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht: 'Ninja Sex Party'.
Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht: 'Ninja Sex Party'.
Picture Courtesy: Napster

The duo very often produces humorous songs regarding love, fantasy, seduction, and sex where Dan acts as Danny Sexbang and Brian as a ninja. The musical duo has released a total of seven albums up to now which consists of four albums of their own and three cover albums. Fans and critics really like the way they bring the reality of sex, love, fantasy, and seduction in such a funny and meaningful way. People have really admired the two teaming up and they have surely been making a lot of money for over a decade together.

Acting Career

Ashley's boyfriend is also very good at acting and has acted in numbers of television shows. Namely, 'The Sacred Chalice with Ninja Sex Party', and 'Good Game'. He has portrayed funny and comedy characters in those short films. And it is his choice that he always want to play funny characters in the shows.

Video Games Business

Besides from acting and musical career, Dan Avidan is also a game developer and earns some portion of his worth from video games business. He released two games: Dream Daddy and Pinstripe back in 2017 which indeed was able to gain thousands of downloads and success. He has been making about $10,000 to $20,000 from his video games.

A picture of The character 'Robert Small' voice acted by Dan Avidan in 'Dream Daddy'.
The character 'Robert Small' voice acted by Dan Avidan in 'Dream Daddy'.
Picture Source: Pinterest

The talented artist is currently working on his third game Hex Heroes developed by Prismatic Games where he'll have his own character by the nsme Danny. The game will soon release on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Earning From YouTube

The New Jersey born singer-songwriter Dan Avidan also earns a major part of his income from YouTube. He is associated to two YouTube channels 'The Grumps' and 'Game Grumps' which have a combined subscriber base of over 6 million. He is one of the two hosts of the channels along with Arin Hanson

The first channel focuses on every aspect that the two hosts can come up to whereas the second channel focuses on the two playing different games and giving comedy commentary while playing. 

According to Social Blade, the gaming-comedy channel 'Game Grumps' earns about $10.3k to $164.1k on a monthly basis and up to $2 million in a year. And as Avidan is valuable member of the channel, he surely gets to put about the half share in his pocket. 

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