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Damon Dash's Net Worth - Was Once Worth $50M But Now He's Going Bankrupt

Published Sat Dec 28 2019 By aisha
Damon Dash's Net Worth - Was Once Worth $50M But Now He's Going Bankrupt

Damon Anthony Dash who is professionally known as Damon Dash is an American actor, record executive, and producer. From his multiple careers, he has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Dash won the Women Film Critics Circle Awards for Most Offensive Male Character in State Property 2 (2005). Let's find more how Dash owned his net worth.

Worth $2 Million

A black and white picture of Damon Dash.
A picture of Damon Dash.
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Damon Dash has an estimated net worth of $2 million from his varied career as being an entrepreneur, director, actor, producing movies and television series. 

Used to own a house worth $9 million

House of Damon Dash worth $9 million that he used to own.
House of Damon Dash worth $9 million that he used to own.
Image Source: NetworthBuzz

Dash used to own a mansion worth $9 million Tribeca home in New York. In August 2015, he sold the house in $5.5 million because of his various debt while he still owes $4.14 million in taxes which was announced by the state of New York. 

He owns another house in the Benedict Canyon area, Beverly Hills, CA which is worth $3.79 million. The house is of 5,875 square feet that includes four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a Spanish villa, a huge living room, master dual bathroom, a lounge area with bars, and a pool.

Drives a Maybach and Range Rover

Damon Dash posing in one of his cars.
Damon Dash posing in one of his cars.
Image Source: New York Magazine

Damon Dash owns a collections of car as he mostly rides Maybach which was a Germany car brand that has now become a part of Mercedes- Benz which costs $400,000. He also owns a Range Rover which can costs from $89,000 to $177,000 or even more.

Collection of 1,300 sneakers

The Highlander: Endgame actor owns a huge collection of sneakers. He has a pair of 1,300 sneakers in his closet.

Earning from Acting, Producing & Directing

Dash has been earning from his other profession as he has produced more than twenty, directed ten, and acted in more than ten movies television series, and documentary. 

The Downfall of Dash net worth 

Dash was once worth $50 million and was a most successful mogul in his times but unfortunately, his worth didn't stick to him much longer. On January 1, 2003, Dash was sued with $15 million for rapping a former model 'Kirstie Thompson'. From that incident, he has been facing a lot of financial problems which has led Dash having a net worth of $2 million.

Legal issues

Dash was sued by rapper Curren$y in the allegation that he released his song without his permission where Curren$y sued $1.5 million against Dash in 2012. Later Dash's lawyer released a statement of Dash that the music was released on a fairground. 

Then in 2015, Dash sued his ex-wife Rachel Roy for the damage and mishandling their joint fashion business. Roy was also accused of domestic violence against Dash and got a restraining order for three years from the judge.

In 2018, Dash filled a $5 million lawsuit against Lee Daniels who is a director. Dash invested $2 million to Lee for which he is asking the price of $5 million with interest.

Child Support

Damon Dash hugging his ex-wife Rachel Roy.
Damon Dash with his ex-wife Rachel Roy.
Image Source: HipHop Magz

Damon Dash was ordered to pay Linda Williams, his girlfriend and the mother of his son Boogie in child support. He was also said to pay $50,000 for the harassment charge filed by Williams in 2009.

After November 2019, Dash was arrested for not paying child support as he was arrested for two warrants charged by Cindy Morales in 2015 and by Rachel Roy in March 2019. Dash owed $62,553 to Morales in child supports since 2012. Then in 2015, he was ordered to pay $341,991 and $25,000 for attorney fees to Roy as it was reported that Dash has already paid more than $1 million to Roy. 

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