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Facts About Dame Grease - American Hip Hop Record Producer

Published Thu Oct 31 2019 By aisha
Facts About Dame Grease - American Hip Hop Record Producer

Damon Blackman professionally known as Dame Grease is an American record artist and a record producer best known for his mixtapes, single "Love and Hate", "Feel The Rush", "Hologram Panda" and many more.

Dame was born on August 9, 1974, in The Bronx and was raised in Harlem which is the northern section of New York. Here are some facts about him;

What's his Net Worth?

Dame Black has an estimated net worth of $2 million from his multiple careers as a producer, rapper, record executive, creative director, and fashion designer. He earned this huge fortune by giving 23 years to his passion. 

Aiming at Guinness World record

In 2016, Grease set a new plan to set a new Guinness World Record in the world of Hip Hop by producing and releasing the most Hip Hop songs in a single year.

Physical Measurements 

Dame stands 5 feet 8 inches (176 cm) tall. His eye color is Violet and hair color is brown. Dame shoe size if 8 (US) and dress size are 4 (US).

11 most iconic beats produced by Dame

Dame Black's 11 most iconic beats have been produced by the 'The Produce Section' is the hub where beats, rhymes, and life connect which puts the spotlight on men and women who produce beats that are loved by the audience.

Never Doubts his work 

Dame Grease animated cover photo of his Best instrumental volume 1: Respect the producer
Dame Grease Best instrumental volume 1:  Respect the Producer
Image Source: Amazon

Grease never doubt his work as he doesn't do anything which he is not confident about. He is happy doing things he likes and now he is a successful rap producer. So, he is one of the 

Spends Countless Hours Artists

Dame Black says that you need chemistry between producer and artists to create a rapport that will make his records new and unique. So, he spends countless hours with the artist by sitting down and learning with the artist to find new things in his every produced song

Took Break From Music

After giving his first hit in ’96/’97, he retired at his mid-2000s to create a new moment in the industry, to put together a new sound which is what Dame is all about. The main reason behind his break was to reinvent himself and take mixtapes back to the street.

Has his Own Blog

Dame has his own blog where he is trying to put all the things he is doing to music. He says everyone has the same content of representing blog but he is trying to do the blogging differently about technology, Hip Hop, and Girls.

Social Media

Dame Black has been active on many social sites like Twitter and Instagram. He has 23.9k followers on Instagram with over 8,172 posts and 29.8k followers on twitter with 48k tweet over 6,399 likes.

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