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Get to Know Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside - D.B. Woodside's Daughter With Golden Brooks

Published Tue Jun 23 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside - D.B. Woodside's Daughter With Golden Brooks

Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside is the celebrity baby who is the only child of David Bryan Woodside aka D.B. and his ex-girlfriend, Golden Brooks. Her parents are popular television personalities.

D.B and Golden welcomed Dakota on 1st September 2009. Her birthplace is New York where she is growing up. Her zodiac sign is Virgo and holds an American nationality.  

Here is some information about Brooks-Woodside. 

Meaning of Her Name 

Her parents kept her beautiful name 'Dakota' which is a native American baby name. It means "Friends" whereas 'Teo' name is Vietnamese names which means "Long Life".

Parents Net Worth

Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside's Father D.B. Woodside has an approximate net worth of $3 million. Woodside earned by his professional acting career. He is present in Hollywood since 1996. He has appeared in movies and series. He got his debut starring as Aaron Mosely in the television series 'Murder One' from 1996 to 1997. 

Similarly, her mother Golden Brooks's net worth is calculated up to $8 million which she managed to amass through acting career. Besides acting, she increases the amount by modeling. She has been associated with a total of 23 movies, including two short films, and sixteen TV shows. She is known for portraying in movies like 'Timecode' and 'Imposter'. 

Her Parents Relationship 

Dakota's parents D.B. Woodside and Golden Brooks were one of the romantic couples in the industry when they started dating in 2008. They were spotted in many award events. After a year, they became parents of an adorable daughter. But unfortunately, their relationship broke down in the year 2009.

Father D.B Woodside and mother Golden Brooks. 
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Christmas Present From Mother 

Especially for children, Christmas is the most wonderful day where they accept gifts from their family and friends. In the last year of Christmas, Dakota got something special which she wants to have for a long time. Her present was Little Pooch, a cute white puppy. After getting a puppy, she was very delighted.

Golden Brooks share her daughter holding little pooch which was her Christmas present.
Image Source: Instagram.

Love To Do Things

Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside has been involved in many things. Like her parents, she also wants to do acting in the future. Her mother guides and teaches her acting experience to daughter. She is a trained, ballet dancer. She has even recorded some raps with her friends. Through the Instagram account of Golden Brooks, we can see Dakota Toe has painted a beautiful painting for her daddy, D.B. Woodside. 

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