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Country Star Chris Young Cleared of All Charges in Bar Arrest

Published Mon Jan 29 2024 By Nancy
Country Star Chris Young Cleared of All Charges in Bar Arrest

On Friday, the Nashville district attorney said that they dropped charges against Chris Young, the country music star. This happened after they looked at the evidence from an incident between Chris and a state alcohol agent on Monday night. 

On Monday night, 38-year-old Chris Young was taken into custody and charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. 

Country star Chris Young cleared of all charges in bar arrest.
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This occurred during an encounter with a Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent who was conducting compliance checks at bars near the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

District Attorney Glenn Funk stated on Friday, "After examining all the evidence in this case, the Office of the District Attorney has decided to drop these charges." 

No additional details were given.

In a statement on Friday, Bill Ramsey, the attorney for Young, expressed, "Mr. Young and I are pleased with the DA's decision to clear him of the charges and any wrongdoing." 

As per a Davidson County affidavit linked to the charges, an alcohol commission agent mentioned that Young and his friends trailed agents from one bar to another. At the second bar, Young reportedly extended his hands to prevent the agent from leaving and allegedly struck him on the shoulder.

In reply, the agent stated that he pushed Young "to establish some distance." This action led to bar patrons standing up and shouting, resulting in the agents physically restraining Young, as stated in the affidavits. 

Court records indicate that Young was arrested, booked into jail, and released approximately three hours later.

A security video from the bar, provided to NBC News by a spokesperson for Young, seems to depict a man wearing a baseball cap extending his arm as another man passes by and touching him on the shoulder. 

The person who was touched seems to push the man in the cap, causing him to stagger backward, fall onto a chair, and prompt other customers to stand up. 

It's not clear what occurred before or after the four video clips.

Ramsey, Young's lawyer, said in a statement after his client got arrested that it should never have happened, and there should not have been any charges. He pointed to video proof as a reason to drop the charges. 

He also asked the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission to apologize for the harm, both physical and emotional, caused to his client. However, there has been no immediate response from the commission when asked for a comment. 

On Monday, Young shared a post on Facebook talking about the release of his new album, "Young Love & Saturday Nights," coming out on March 22. 

Young gained fame in 2006 when he won the fourth edition of the TV talent search show "Nashville Star" at the age of 20.

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