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Meet Connie MacDonald – Norm MacDonald’s Ex-Wife and Baby Mother

Published Sun Oct 13 2019 By DGM
Meet Connie MacDonald – Norm MacDonald’s Ex-Wife and Baby Mother

Connie MacDonald is an American native who rose to fame after marrying the famous American stand-up comedian, Norm MacDonald. She is also the baby mamma of the comedian.

Connie has been long divorced with Norm as they split back in 1996 being together for only 8 years. Here are some facts about her:

Ex-Husband - Norm MacDonald

Connie MacDonald was married to Norm MacDonald for eight years as they walked down the aisle back in 1988. After five years of their marriage, they gave birth to the symbol of their love Dylan in 1993. 

They were living a very happy family life but as time passed by, misunderstandings and conflicts started to rise in their marriage. Hence, as they could no longer hold on to their relationship properly, they decided to split which they did back in 1996. However, they still continued to raise their son as responsible parents and made sure that he would grow properly.

A picture of Connie MacDonald's ex-husband and their son.
Connie MacDonald's ex-husband and their son.
Image Source: I'm Not Norm

Son - Dylan MacDonald

As we mentioned earlier, Connie gave birth to her son Dylan MacDonald in 1993 from their marriage of nearly a decade. The 26 years old has grown up to become a handsome hunk and is also a comedian like his father. He has appeared along with his father in some of his videos where the duo looks so amazing together. The two even co-work in Norm's podcast where both of them roast each other quite a lot.

Therapist & Social Worker

Connie MacDonald is a therapist by profession and provides both mental and physical therapy to her patients for living. Moreover, she also teaches patience experience to people and is highly involved in health related activities and very often participates in social activities. She promotes positive social activities being held in any part of the country. Therefore, she is both an activist and therapist when it comes to her profession.

A picture of Norm MacDonald walking in a social campaign.
Norm MacDonald walking in a social campaign.
Image Source: Twitter@ConMacDon

Has a Twitter Account

The gorgeous therapist has an account on Twitter which goes by the name @ConMacDon. She has been able to achieve followers' base of 787 followers with nearly 2,000 posts. You can follow her for sure if you want to keep yourself updated about what she tweets about.

Living a Secretive Life

Despite the fact that Connie MacDonald has a social site, she still lives a very low key life because there aren't much pictures of her available at all. There are only few pictures of her as she only tweets about other subject matters and not about herself. 

It appears like she is willing to maintain her privacy as much as she can. But we would really want to have a glimpse of her with her son.

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