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Connie Kline - Corinne Foxx's Mother and Jamie Foxx' Former Wife

Published Tue Feb 01 2022 By sijal
Connie Kline - Corinne Foxx's Mother and Jamie Foxx' Former Wife

Connie Kline is a strong powerful woman herself and has been a retired veteran of the United States Air Force team. Kline got highlighted after the media published about her marriage with the Hollywood star Jamie Foxx.

Connie was born on 29 March 1972 in California, the United States growing up with her sisters Barbara Kline and Sebrina Kline in their hometown.


From an early age, the wife of the electro character from Marvel movies was a talented woman. She completed her education at the most prestigious colleges located in California and did her schooling in a local town school.

By seeing her professional career and education level it seems she was a great, favorite, and hardworking woman student during her academic phrases.   

Professional Life

Kline had been always an inspirational woman for every person who was around her in her hard times. Her strength and diligent personality was the reason for her to be a former US army service where she give her best service and justice to needy people.  

 She had her hand in every social work field rather it is an army force or a teacher in a high school and had given her dedication which made her be an inspirational person.

Relationship with her ex-husband Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop a Hollywood actor in himself and his former wife first met in 1993where they instantly fell in love with each other to the point that they became soulmates.

Even though these couples were made for each other their fate had other decisions. Although they lived together for a very short period of time and never even got married their relationship was  still highlighted in the media as love has no color or religion.

How much does Connie Kline earn?

As a high school teacher and a social worker, Connie Kline has earned good money from her professional career life.

 Besides that as previously mentioned she was in the US army force for straight five years so it's obvious she lived a wealthy life earlier. The net worth of Connie Kline is estimated to be more than $2 million dollars.

Who is the daughter of Connie Kline?

During the relationship with the 'Robin Hood' actor, Connie gave birth to their love symbol the beautiful daughter Corinne Foxx on February 15, 1994. 

Corinne is now a famous Hollywood star and an American model just like her father Jamie. She was featured in the movie"47 Meters Down"(2019), "Saftey"(2020), "All-Star Weekend", "David Blaine: Real or Magic"(2013) seeing her acting skills it's obvious she got that talent from her father's gene.

Connie Kline husband Jamie Foxx and daughter Corinne Foxx
Connie Kline's husband Jamie Foxx with his big daughter Corinne Foxx. source: @GlamourBiz 

Rumors behind the divorce of Connie Kline and Jamie Foxx

After giving birth to her daughter staying almost several years together as a sweet couple, Connie and Foxx decided to get separated and went on their own life right after. 

Their separation decision was shocking and also reasonable as there was a rumor of Jamie dating another woman while he was in a relationship with Connie but the news was never confirmed by anyone. 

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