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Facts About Colleen Coyle - Weather Channel Meteorologist

Published Sat Aug 14 2021 By Aashika
Facts About Colleen Coyle - Weather Channel Meteorologist

Colleen Coyle is a television personality who is known as a meteorologist. She has been working as a freelance meteorologist for the "Weather Channel".  She has worked with many channels which run weather programs. 

Coyle celebrates her birth on the 7th January of every year. She attended the Georgia Institute of Technology. There first graduated in meteorology and a minor in business. Later earned a Bachelor's degree in earth and atmospheric sciences in 2008. 

Let's know more about her for that read the below paragraphs.  

How Much Does Coyle Have Net Worth?

Colleen Coyle has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million which she earned her successful career as a meteorologist. She has been working for "Weather Channel", where her salary is over $53,650. Her profession began at the Severe Storms Research Center of the Georgia Institute.

Then joined "WSB TV" station based in Atlanta, Georgia, she also served as the reporter and producer. She moved to Palm Springs in California, started working for the "KPSP Local 2". Her career took a turn in 2010, Colleen got hired by "WFAA TV"
network. The meteorologist served as a reporter and writer for more than nine years, in 2019 announced leaving the network. 

Married Life 

Colleen Coyle is a happily married woman and is enjoying life with her long-term boyfriend, Mike Rogers. The couple met during their college days at Georgia Tech in a "Pancake Dinner" Social in their dorm Freshman Year in 2004. 

Then arrange meetings several times and started their relationship. Soon Rogers romantically proposed to her after hiking in Fredericksburg. He gave a "Shutterfly" book, where he has written from their first meeting to today. Certainly, Mike bends one knee and take out a beautiful ring, asked her for being a life partner whereas the reporter answered, "YES !!". 

On 17th January 2015, the couple exchanged the vows which took place in Dallas, Texas. The duo welcomed two children and is in successful love life which is now more than 16 years. 

Colleen Coyle with her husband Mike Rogers.
Image Source: Instagram (@colleenwx)

Adopt A Child

The reporter and Mr.Rogers have adopted their first child. The pair announced through Facebook Live by a statement, "We are adopting a wonderful, wonderful, amazing foster child. Word can't even describe this journey. It has been a wild ride the past several months." She left the television for six months to adopt her baby girl. 

Became Mother

After welcoming her first child, Colleen became pregnant with her biological baby. Coyle announced the news through her Instagram account. On 3rd March 2021, gave birth to a baby girl. She has not revealed the names of her babies and has not posted any pictures of her daughters to date. 

Colleen Coyle shared the happiness of giving birth to her youngest daughter. 
Image Source: Instagram (@colleenwx)

Other Interest

She wants to be a photographer aside from being a meteorologist. Coyle has a passion for photography which we can see on the Instagram account. She has also an interest in musical instruments and learned to play guitar and violin from her musician father. 

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