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Get to Know Clytie Lane - Actress and Nick Nolte's Wife

Published Thu Jun 11 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Clytie Lane - Actress and Nick Nolte's Wife

Clytie Lane got immense fame after she got married to Nick Nolte, who is a three-time Oscar award winner for his outstanding performance in movies such as Warrior, Affliction, and The Prince of Tides.

Lane has also appeared in the film named 'Coffee Date' as Cheryl. Her movie won the Audience Award as "Best Feature Film" at the Sedona International Film Festival n 2007.

Let's look at some interesting unknown facts that you should about Lane:

What's Her Net Worth?

Lane has accumulated a net worth of $1 million which she made through her acting career. She began her acting interest at an early age. She starred in the big screen in 2006 from the movie, Coffee Date, which was 90 min film and made $4,412 in the box office.

Likewise, her husband Nick Nolte has a vast amount of net worth $75 million. He acquired that worth through his acting in over 40 movies and appearing on many television. As an actor, he started at the age of 35 in the miniseries, 'Rich Man, Poor Man' (ABC, 1997). His most super hit movie in his career was 'Warrior', '48 Hour', and 'Afflicted'.

Lavish Mansion

Clytie and her husband bought a 6,000 square-foot Malibu mansion which cost around $6 million. 

The Mansion was built in 1963 that has four bedroom features arched window, skylights, and a library. The 2-acre property also includes a guest house, tennis court, and a lagoon pool. 

Interior Design of Clytie Lane's lavish mansion.

Married Life of Clytie Lane

Actress Lane and actor Nolte exchanged their vows in the year 2016 after dating 13 years. The couple was dating since 2003. They are already parents of one daughter before marriage. The pair are happily living together with their daughter.

Lane with husband Nick Notke at events. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Husband Previous Relationship

Nick Nolte has been in gossip tabloids and rumors about his relationship with several actresses in the industry. He had dated two known celebrities; Debra Winger and Vicki Lewis. The relationship with actress Winger began from the thriller movie 'Everybody Wins' in the 1990s but they can't handle their love life and separate their ways.

After a breakup with her, he often used to see with his co-star Vicki Lewis. They met on the set of I'll Do Anything, where Nolte was playing the main role. Both were together for 1 year after that split due to their issues.

Marriage of Nick Nolte's

'Worrier' actor had married thrice before getting married to Lane. His first wife is Sheila Page with whom he got involved in 1966-1970. Similarly, his other two are Sharyn Haddad in 1973-1983 and Rebecca Linger in 1984-1994. 

From third marriage, he has a son named Brawley Nolte who is also a well-known personality in the Hollywood industry. He has played in a movie like Ransom (1996), Afflicted (1997), Hotel Rwanda (2004), and more.

Nick Nolte with third wife Rebecca Linger.

Mother of Talented Daughter

Clytie Lane is blessed with daughter Sophie Lane Nolte. She gave birth on October 3, 2007, and now she is 13 years. Like her parents, she is also an actress who gained fame at an early age. She is walking in the footstep and left the mark in the entertainment industry. 

Her daughter, Sophie got the opportunity to play a role with her father in the movie named 'Head Full of Honey'. She played the role of Matilda who is the granddaughter of Nolte, the widow Amadeus. The duo of father and daughter in real but seen as grandfather and granddaughter that make interesting about this movie. 

Daughter Sophie Lane Nolte with father in the movie 'Head Full of Honey'.
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