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8 Facts About Cleo Wattenstrom - Tattoo Artist Who is a Former Wife of Joel Kinnaman

Published Sat Nov 07 2020 By Aashika
 8 Facts About Cleo Wattenstrom - Tattoo Artist Who is a Former Wife of Joel Kinnaman

Cleo Wattenstrom is a worldwide known tattoo artist and part-time model. Apart from professional life, she is also identified as the former wife of actor Charles Joel Nordstrom Kinnaman aka "Joel".

Born on June 12, 1992, in Belgium, and sun sign is Gemini. She calls her mother 'Kicki' though her personal info is not revealed. Her childhood was passed in Brussels, later moved to Stockholm.

To know more amazing facts about Wattenstrom:

Net Worth: $2 million

Cloe Waldenstrom holds an estimated net worth of $2 million which she made as a tattoo artist as well as model. At the age of 14, she dropped out of high school to pursue her passion for the tattoo. 

Cleo has attended numerous tattoo conventions around the globe and is a pioneer of black and grey tattoo works. Nevertheless, she has done ink of well-known celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Salvador Dali, and others.  

Has a Tattoo Studio

Kinnaman's ex-wife is not only an artist but also has a private tattoo studio, 'Shanti Tattoo', in Venice, California. She is working in a Southern California-based tattoo shop. Moreover, the tattoo artist is doing a partnership with 'Sullen Art Collective' to launch a variety of products. 

Former Wife of Joel Kinnaman

Cleo Wattenstrom became a media sensation after getting married to Joel Kinnaman. They dating each other in December 2014 but were snapped together from August of the same year. In 2016, the two became husband and wife after having 2 years of relationship. 

Unfortunately, in 2018 the couple decided to separate and divorced. 

Cloe Wattenstrom at the event with ex-husband Joel Kinnaman. 
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Life After Divorce

From the separation with an actor, the model remained single in relationship status. Whereas, Joel is dating model Kelly Gale since 2019. The love bird spotted many times together and also go on vacations in other countries like Turkey. They upload the picture on social media accounts. 

Remain Friend with Ex-Husband

Though being split, Wattenstrom and Kinnaman share a good friendship bonding. They are enjoying holidays and events together which can be seen on their Instagram account pictures. Recently, on the birthday of Joel, she wished him by posting two's pictures with the caption 'JOEL!!! Happy Birthday!!!' along with heart emoji. 

Tattoo artist wished Joel Kinnaman on his birthday.
Image Source: Instagram

Whole Body Tattoos

Cloe Wattenstrom has more than 100 tattoos on her body. She is the woman with multiple numbers of ink. On her body, she has a different image like an owl on the neck, cross sign under the chest, flowers design on hands and chest, humans pictures, and many more. 

In fact, on the right cheek, there is a certain symbol, and on the hand palm, you can find a hunted heart with dropped blood. 

Cloe Wattenstrom's tattoos on neck and cheek. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Model of Magazines

Sketch artist has worked in the modeling field. She became a model for several magazines of glamour, retro, pin-up, Goth, fashion, and horror. As having multiple inks on the body, Cleo has featured on the covers of many local and international magazines such as 'Inked' and 'Tattoo Life'.  

Painter and Storyteller

Fewer people knew that Wattenstrom is a Swedish Ethiopian Painter. She is a great painter who expresses multiple stories behind the people. Her paintings broke the record of being the highest auctioned art piece in the Opera Kallaren Foundation. 

The painting which broke the record of being the highest auctioned art piece.
Image Source: Instagram

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