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Meet Claudia Valdez – Wife of Gabriel Iglesias & Actress From Movie “Monster”

Published Sun Dec 22 2019 By Akki
Meet Claudia Valdez – Wife of Gabriel Iglesias & Actress From Movie “Monster”

The American actress, Claudia Valdez is very famous for being the partner of the comedian Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy. She has appeared in the hit movies like; Monsters (2010) directed by Gareth Edwards. She was born to the mid-class family of the United States of America.

Here are 7 facts about Actress Valdez;

What's her Net Worth? 

Claudia Valdez has an amazing net worth of $1 million, which she earned through her hardwork in the entertainment industry. Her career as an actress has  helped her to accumulate massive wealth. She performed the character of "Nurse in Maternity Ward" in drama genre film; Monsters (2010), which hit the box office of $4.2 million.

A satellite image of Claudia Valdez house.
Gabriel Iglesias house satellite image.
Image Source; VGT

House in Long Beach

Valdez lives together with her boyfriend and son in a lavish mansion located in Long Beach, California. The house was bought by her darling for $1.4 million in 2006 as stated in the Virtual Global Trotting.

Partner - Gabriel Iglesias

The beautiful Valdez is madly in love with an American comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias. The duo first met in 2008 and since the lover has been maintaining a strong relationship bond. The pair have dated over 11 years although they aren't married till date. Looking forward to the couple's love life, we can be sure of hearing good news about them tying the knot. 

A picture of Valdez and Iglesias.
Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglesias together for a photo.
Image Source: Pinterest

Son is Known as Frankie

Claudia is the mother of a handsome hunk Frankie, born on the 8th of December 1997 in the United States of America. Following her relationship with Iglesias, helped her to get provide a father figure to her son. However, he isn't the biological father of 'Frankie', where the name of the child's father has been kept outside radar by Valdez.

Body Measurement 

Talking about the physical appearance of the actress, she looks charming cute with a chubby face. She is overweight considering her height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall. She has beautiful heart-melting brown eyes and shinny natural black hair.

Claudia Valdez taking a group photo.
Claudia Valdez attending Laugh Factory event with Russel Peter and Gabriel Iglesias.
Image Source: Wire Image

Animal Lover 

Tracking down information about Valdez, we came to know her as an avid animal lover. She is a sensible kind-hearted person, who has a soft concern for other living creatures. She keeps attending programs and events, which are directly linked with animal welfare. 

No Social Media Presence 

Claudia Valdez doesn't own any account on social sites. Following her work line, she amazed the world with her absence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even though she shares a passion for acting, she considers to live a low profile instead of using social platform works. 

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