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Facts About CL Smooth - American Rapper and Ex-Hip-Hop Duo of Pete Rock

Published Thu Dec 19 2019 By DGM
Facts About CL Smooth - American Rapper and Ex-Hip-Hop Duo of Pete Rock

Corey Brent Penn, Sr., famously known as CL Smooth is a music producer, rapper and a reality television show star who was born on 8th October 1998 in New Rochelle, New York. He was previously with Pete Rock and produced music together but due to some reasons split and moved their separate paths. 

Here are some facts on the rapper.

What's his Net Worth?

CL Smooth has the total net worth of $6 million. Being a producer, rapper and a reality television show star has its own pros and cons but the pros is definitely money and not having to worry about the bills. CL is one lucky guy who is very successful and well off now that he has hefty amount as his worth.

A picture of rapper, music producer, and TV starCL Smooth.
CL Smooth is a talented rapper.
Image Source: Twitter@RealCLSmooth


Smooth has never been the one to keep one woman for his whole entire life. He is seen with many different woman with whom he is never serious and probably does not end up getting married to. 

Two Children 

CL Smooth is a proud dad to two kids who was born to him and a mystery baby mama who he is hiding from the public. He is keeping his baby Jr. away from the limelight probably wanting a normal life for him and his baby mama. He often talks about parenthood and how his children made him a better person.

A Hip Hop Duo With Pete Rock

CL Smooth was once a part of the very popular hip hop duo, CL Smooth and Pete Rock. The two very talented rappers and producers has made many hits to jam to and has been a real success with their audience. Both of them got massive recognition with this duet and became very famous all over the world.

The Split With Pete Rock

Good things do not last and similarly with CL and Pete, their duo was falling apart. Blame it on their sense of direction or the fame getting into their head, the two drifted apart which sooner or later had them split. After the split the two of them became incredibly successful on their own even though at the beginning, CL was going very low key and inactive.

A picture of CL Smooth and Pete Rock.
CL Smooth and Pete Rock.
Image Source: Vibe

Made Music With Pete Rock after 22 Years

It took CL and Pete Rock 22 whole years to reunite and create magic again in their studio. The two gracefully picked up from where they had left off and did not leave anyone disappointed in 2016. 

Collabs With Popular Hit Artists

As a producer and a rapper it is very, very important for one to be aware of the people that they're collaborating with. Talking about CL Smooth, he has managed to sweep up many sucessful artists and has collaborated wth them. His famous collaborators includes, John Legend, Heavy D & The Boyz, Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip, Run-DMC and The Roots.

A Gym Fanatic

CL Smooth is one buff guy and is no secret that his gains are all coming from all the workout he does. He updates his fans, haters and well wishes on his Instagram on his gym activities and it definitely looks like he enjoys every part of his work out.

A picture of CL Smooth posing in the gym.
CL Smooth posing in the gym.
Image Source: Instagram@therealclsmooth


CL Smooth has his own website where he updates his fans on his newly launching music and basic life updates. He has his website linked on his Instagram bio and any one who wishes to know more about his whereabouts can visit it.

Social Media

Just like every other artist who wishes to reach a large amount of people, CL Smooth also is very active on his social sites. He is on Instagram as @therealclsmooth and has 60.1k followers. He goes by the name The Real CL Smooth Page on Facebook and has 658 people following him. The rapper also is on the bird app and goes by the username @therealclsmooth and has only 157 people following him.

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