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Chuck Norris' Ex-Wife, Dianne Holechek: A Closer Look at Her Life Beyond the Marriage

Published Fri Feb 02 2024 By Nancy
Chuck Norris' Ex-Wife, Dianne Holechek: A Closer Look at Her Life Beyond the Marriage

Dianne Holechek gained attention as the former wife of the iconic action hero, Chuck Norris. They tied the knot while Norris was in the U.S. Air Force and remained married for thirty years before parting ways. 

Dianne Holechek Wiki/Bio

Dianne Holechek, formerly known as Dianne Kay Holechek, is 82 years old as of 2024, born on November 27, 1941, in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in her hometown with her family, many details about her early life are not widely known. 

Dianne Holechek gained attention as the former wife of the iconic action hero, Chuck Norris.
Dianne Holechek gained attention as the former wife of the iconic action hero, Chuck Norris. 
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Regarding her ethnicity, Holechek is Caucasian, and she holds American nationality.

What Does Dianne Holechek Do Now? 

Since her divorce from Chuck Norris, Dianne Holechek has chosen to keep both her professional and personal life away from the public eye. She is not active on any social media platforms, leading to a lack of recent updates about her life. 

However, judging from her children's social media posts, it appears that Holechek is fully immersed in spending time with her kids and grandchildren. 

Dianne Holechek Was Involved in the Restaurant Business 

Reflecting on her past career, Chuck Norris' first wife, Dianne Holechek, once owned a restaurant in Newport Beach. Eventually, she sold it at a significant profit and ventured into the music business, producing records in Toluca Lake. 

Additionally, Dianne had a minor role in the mini-TV series Hollywood '84.

What is Dianne Holechek's Net Worth? 

Dianne Holechek's net worth is $1 million. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Chuck Norris' estimated fortune is $70 million as of 2024. Chuck accumulated this substantial wealth through his versatile career as an actor, film producer, and screenwriter in the entertainment industry. 

Throughout his impressive career spanning over half a century, Norris has starred in numerous impactful action movies, such as "Breaker! Breaker!," "A Force of One," and more.

Dianne Holechek Was Married to Chuck Norris

Dianne Holechek first met her future husband, Chuck Norris, while they were both students at North High School in Torrance, California. During this time, Norris was actively involved in football and gymnastics, while Holechek was a regular student.

Dianne Holechek tied the knot with Chuck Norris in 1958.
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After graduating in 1958, Norris enlisted in the United States Air Force as an Air Policeman. In the same year, he proposed to Dianne through a letter. 

Following their engagement, the couple swiftly moved forward, getting married on December 29th. Chuck, in his Air Force uniform, and Dianne, at the age of 17, exchanged vows in a traditional wedding ceremony. Chuck was 18 at the time. 

Their honeymoon lasted for four romantic days. Dianne and Chuck enjoyed a happy marriage for about thirty years until their separation in 1988, with the divorce finalized the following year.

Why Did Dianne Holechek And Chuck Norris's Relationship Ended?

During their breakup, both Chuck Norris and Dianne Holechek kept quiet about the reasons behind their failed marriage. The details of their separation were not disclosed to the media.  

However, during their marriage, Norris was involved in an extramarital affair with a woman named Johanna. This revelation came to light later, with Chuck admitting to cheating on his first wife. 

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During his time in the US Air Force in California, Chuck had a romance with Johanna. He confessed, "I never told Johanna that I was married."  

From this affair, Norris and Johanna had a daughter named Dina, born in 1963. Dina remained unaware of Chuck being her biological father for years. It wasn't until 1991 that Dina claimed Chuck as her natural father.  

When Dina reached out to Chuck, he willingly met her and her mom, skipping the need for a paternity test. Chuck expressed, "I didn’t need DNA or blood tests. I went to her, wrapped my arms around her, and we both started crying. At that moment, it was as if I had known her all my life." 

Dianne Holechek Children

Dianne Holechek and Chuck Norris' first child, a son named Mike Norris, was born on October 4, 1962, in Redondo Beach, California. The couple welcomed their second son, Eric Norris, on May 20, 1965. 

Dianne Holechek and Chuck Norris' first child was Mike Norris.
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Both Norris brothers have achieved success in their respective fields. Mike followed in his father's footsteps and began his acting career, starring alongside Chuck in the movie "A Force of One" in 1979. 

Mike went on to feature in several successful films, including "Delta Force 3: The Killing Game" and "Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire." 

On the other hand, Eric pursued a career in stock car racing and became the NASCAR Winston-West Series Champion in 2002. Additionally, he ventured into directing, making his debut with Michael Preece's TV film "Logan’s War: Bound by Honor." 

Eric also took on a role in the TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger," alongside his father. 

Furthermore, Dianne became a grandmother when Mike and his wife Valerie welcomed their daughter, Hannah, in 1995. She has six more grandchildren - twins Max and Greta from Mike, and four grandchildren, Camryn, Chloe, Chantz, and Cash, from Eric's marriage to Stephanie.

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