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Christina Hendricks Said Her Breasts are Real – No Plastic Surgery Done

Published Wed Jul 31 2019 By DGM
Christina Hendricks Said Her Breasts are Real – No Plastic Surgery Done

The former model and American actress Christina Hendricks has been rumored a lot to have gone under the knife and had her breasts' size boosted. 

Christina has denied all the rumors of her having any breast job and says that they are 100% real. She's sick of hearing rumors about her having breast implants. Here is a brief description of the possible speculation of the breast implants of the actress:

Christina Before & After

Christina's breasts aren't something the other actresses in the industry usually have. They are just so bigger that everyone easily starts accusing her of having implants on her breasts. They just don't seem to be of a usual person's breasts because they appear so larger and noticeable. 

Take a look at the picture that shows the before and after picture of her:

A picture of Christina Hendricks before (left) and after (right).
Christina Hendricks before (left) and after (right).

From the above picture, you would have easily noticed that her breasts have seemingly taken a huge leap in terms of size. They appear as if they have been stretched and filled up. This strongly hints us towards deciding that it could be the result of a successful plastic surgery.

Breast Implants Rumors

While most of the people allege the 44 years old (as of July 2019) actress for having breast implants, she, herself has never accepted the fact and has always said that her breasts are so obviously real. 

Furthermore, she says that anyone who has seen or touched a breast would easily know that her breasts are totally real and aren't achieved from a surgeon's knife.

The 'Mad Men' actress states that she is sick and tired of hearing such fake allegations and all the attention she gets because of her huge breasts. 

Why wouldn't one think that she has had implants? It is obvious because they have started appearing much larger than before and attention-seeking. It cannot be the result of going up because she has already crossed 40. However, it can be an outcome of a push-up bra that gives such an striking appearance to her breasts.

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