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Christina Hendricks Said Her Breasts are Real – No Plastic Surgery Done

Published Wed Jul 31 2019 By DGM
Christina Hendricks Said Her Breasts are Real – No Plastic Surgery Done

The former model and American actress, Christina Hendricks is rumored to have gone under the knife and boosted her breast size. 

Christina denies all the rumors of having any breast job and says that her breasts are 100% real. She's sick of hearing rumors of getting breast implants. Here is a brief description of the speculations made on her breast implants:

Christina Before & After

Christina's breasts are something most of the other actresses in the industry have. They are much bigger now, so everyone easily accuse her of having implants on her breasts.

As time passed by, her breasts became even more gigantic and attention-seeking either because of natural cause or surgical implants.

Take a look at the picture that shows the before and after picture of her:

A before and after picture of Christina Hendricks showing her changing breasts.
Christina Hendricks has transformed a lot throughout her career.

From the above picture, we can easily notice that her breasts have seemingly taken a huge leap in terms of size. Not only have they been bigger, but they have also been raised and filled up. This shocking change in her breast size could possibly result of successful plastic surgery.

Breast Implants Rumors

While most of the people allege the 'Good Girls' actress for having breast implants, she, herself has never accepted the fact and always claims that her breasts are so real

Furthermore, Christina Hendricks says that anyone who has seen or touched a breast would easily know that her breasts are totally real and aren't achieved from a surgeon's knife.

The six-time Primetime Emmy Award-nominated star tells that she is sick and tired of hearing such fake allegations and all the attention she gets because of her huge breasts. 

While the majority of people claim that she had breast implants, some say that her breasts appear huge as she wears push up bras. Her breast job rumor may be true and also may not be true but her breasts have obviously increased.

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