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Christina el Moussa Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Published Mon Aug 05 2019 By DGM
Christina el Moussa Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Christina El Moussa is an American TV personality and a real estate investor who is rumored to have done three plastic surgeries to enhance her beautiful body.

Christina has always been reluctant in accepting the allegations of going under the knife and having the changes on her body. Here is a brief description of the possible surgeries of the TV personality:

Christina El Moussa Before & After

Ant Anstead's wife has been through a series of transformations in all these years. From face to her body, everything has been part of a noticeable change. Take a look at the picture given below and check for yourselves:

Chrsitina el Moussa before (left) and after (right).
Christina El Moussa's body has changed a lot throughout these years.

As you can see in the picture given above, El Moussa's body has completely changed. Whether it is her breasts or her lips, everything has altered as if remastered with a surgeon's knife. She is believed to have done Lip Job, Botox Injections and Breast Implants.

Breast Implants Surgery

Tarek El Moussa's former wife is also speculated to have done breast augmentation. Her breast size has significantly increased if we compare her before and after pictures clearly.

If you take a close at the above picture, you can see that she used to have an average-sized frontal body part. But her breasts have completely transformed and become bigger-sized and more raised than before. Hence, her breast implants' rumor may be true somehow.

Lip Job

Taylor El Moussa and Brayden El Moussa's mother is also suspected to have gone under the knife and had her lips injected. Well, the appropriate reason for this is that her lips weren't so perfect in the past as they appear today. 

A before and after picture of Christina el Moussa showing her changing lips,
Christina El Moussa's lips have altered gorgeously.

Moussa's lips have experienced some minor changes in their layout and structure. They look much filled up and juicy than before hinting the possible use of lip fillers. Moreover, her gum line also does not expose much like it used to do in the past before. Hence, there are high chances that her lip job rumor is true.

Denies Botox Injections Doing

Christina El Moussa, who is worth $3 million, is also linked with rumors of using Botox Injections on her face. The reason behind this is because her face doesn't seem a match to her age and looks more like a 20-year-old. Her face is much younger than her actual age as she doesn't have many wrinkles and folds on her face.

The TV personality denies having cosmetic injections and credits her gorgeous makeup and skin products for her beautiful face. However, the products do not change a person's facial totally like Christina's. There are partial chances that she indeed opted for the magical injections on her face.

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