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Facts About Christi Dembrowski - Johnny Depp's Sibling Sister

Published Sun Jul 26 2020 By Aashika
Facts About Christi Dembrowski - Johnny Depp's Sibling Sister

Christi Dembrowski is popular as being a family member of celebrity. She is the sister of Johnny Deep, who was listed in Guinness World Records as the world’s highest-paid actor.

Her birth name is Elisa Christie Depp. She was born to parents John Christopher Depp and Betty Sue Palmer on  21st December 1960. She was raised in her home town Owensboro, Kentucky with her three siblings.

Take a look at some facts about Dembrowski.

Net worth: $1 million

Christi Dembrowski has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she earned as a company manager. She has experience in handling a production company. 

Whereas, her brother has a whopping amount of worth $200 million that he managed to amass from his successful acting career.

Production Company

By profession, Dembrowski runs Infinitum Nihil, which is a film production company founded by her brother Johnny Depp. The production company was established in 2004. 

The company has produced numerous movies, including The Rum Diary (2011), Hugo (2011), Dark Shadows (2012), The Lone Ranger (2013), and Mortdecia (2015).

Husband: Daniel Dembrowski

Christi got married to Daniel Dembrowski, who is a professor at Seattle University and author of numerous books. The couple has been living a joyful conjugal life together for a long time. They have managed their professional and personal life very well with full support and love. The beautiful couples have four children.

Has Four Children

Being a manager of ‘Infinitum Nihil’, she has equally managed her family time. She is the mother of four children. She has kept her personal life in a low profile and hasn’t revealed any information about her children.

Brother: Johnny Depp

Her brother Johnny Depp is a well-known person in Hollywood. He is an actor, producer, and musician. He has honored by many awards for his notable works in the entertainment field. Johnny has become the highest-paid actor whose name was in the Guinness World Record of 2012. 

Christi Dembrowski's brother Johnny Depp.
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His acting skill can be seen in several movies and TV series such as A Nightmare on Elm Street (film), 21 Jump Street (series), Platoon (film), Donnie Brasco (film), and many more. He is playing the role of Jack Sparrow in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean since 2003. 

Other Two Siblings

She has two more siblings Daniel Depp and Deborah Depp. His elder brother Daniel Depp is a screenwriter. He has been a journalist, bookseller, and teacher. He taught scriptwriting and also organized several exhibitions for his photographs. 

Whereas, her sister Deborah Depp is an elementary school teacher in Lexington. She is a married woman and has two children. Deborah stays away from media and limelight. 

A family picture of her with father, mother, brother, and sister.
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Niece and Nephew   

Christi Dembrowski is very close to her niece Lily-Rose Depp and nephew Jack John Christopher Depp III. Her niece is following her’s daddy footsteps and has acted in numerous moves. Similarly, nephew, Jack John lives in low keys.

Her niece Lily-Rose Depp and nephew Jack John Christopher Depp III.
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