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Reality TV Star Chloe Khan - All About Her Including Failed Plastic Surgery

Published Fri Jan 28 2022 By sijal
Reality TV Star Chloe Khan - All About Her Including Failed Plastic Surgery

Chloe Khan is a famous public figure and a Television personality who is half British and half Iranian. Chloe was born on June 1, 1992, in Wakefield, United Kingdom.

Khan is also a well-known model and Instagram influencer famous as a diva who was rejected by the television show X factor.

How did Khan get Fame?

Chloe Mafia AKA Chole Khan got recognized when she appeared in the British show 'Big name Big Brother UK 18' on 28th July 2016 as a contestant. 

Khan also came as a contestant in The X factor but her fashion style and vocal made her an entertainer rather than a singer quality for the show.

How much does she earn as a millionaire woman?

The total net worth of Chloe Khan is estimated to be more than $6 million dollars as a model and Television personality.

Body Measurements

The contestant of the show 'Big name Big Brother UK 18'  5ft 8 inches whereas her weight is moderate of 62 kg.

Is Chloe Khan a married woman?

When Chloe Khan was just 18 years she got pregnant after marrying Mohammed Imran Khan in 2011. This couple was together for only five years.

Chloe Khan carrying a flower bouquet
Chloe Khan with a bouquet of flowers from her well-wishers. source: [email protected]

Who is Dating Now?

Chloe Khan was dating a businessman John Gray since 2017 but their current relationship status had not been revealed to the public yet.

How many children does Chloe Khan have?

The former wife of Mohammad Imran has only one daughter Destiny with her former partner Ian Hough. Her daughter is now living in North England with her grandparents.

Chloe Khan carrying her daughter Destiny
Chloe Khan carrying her daughter Destiny. source: @The Latest Celebrity news


Rumors of Plastic Surgery

Alike other divas of the Hollywood world Chloe Khan had also gone under the knife to define her beauty feature. She admitted to having buttocks, breast implants, and many lifting surgeries.

According to The Sun online, Chloe had done rhinoplasty but was a measure failed surgery and has done lip fillers which almost had changed her whole facial features.

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