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Facts About LAHH Star Nikhol Hing aka Chinese Nicky

Published Wed Aug 14 2019 By Akki
Facts About LAHH Star Nikhol Hing aka Chinese Nicky

Nikhol Hing aka Chinese Nicky is an American reality TV star and entrepreneur, who is widely known as LAHH star. 

Nicky is a fashion designer and owns a clothing line Nikhol Hing collection. She was born on December 18, 1978, in Guyana to Chinese-South American father and a black Portuguese mother. 

Here are 10 facts about Nikhol Hing aka Chinese Nicky:

What's her Net Worth? 

Chinese Nicky has  a net worth of $500,000 and her major source of income is her profession as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and reality TV personality. She charges not less than $5,000 per episode for her appearance in the Love & Hip Hop: Miami. 

The fashion designer's salary range from $39k to $103k depending upon their skill and popularity stated in the PayScale, where it is reported that an average fashion designer earns $65,000 per year.

Nikhol Hing attending ride or die event.
Nikhol Hing poses for a picture with sport bike back ground.
Image Source; Insta@chinessnicky. 


KLOTHH is a fashion boutique run by Taylor Hing (Chinese Kitty) Kamerin (Kami) and  Nikhol (Nicky). The fashion house is owned by Nikol Hing, which she opened in 2011 for her Nikhol Hing collection in South Beach, Miami.  

The KLOTHH has an official website, where people can buy the dresses designed by Hing.

Lavish Life 

Nikhol Hing lives a lavish being a prominent TV star and fashion designer. She is mostly found working in aboard doing a photoshoot on the beach, filming for TV shows and movies, and attending fashion shows and events. 

Nicky's wardrobe collection includes Dior, Prade, and Ralph Lauren. She spends quality time with her family going into weekend trip and family picnic on her free days. 

Eight Children  

Chinese Nicky is the mother of eight children; three beautiful daughters "Taylor Hing", " Kamerin Hing", and "Kioni", and five sons "Craig Hing", "Devon",  "Macayo", "Jared", and "Yng Nick". 

Nicky was only 14 years old when she gave birth to her first child Craig, who is a successful film producer today.

Chinese Nicky kids posing for a photo.
Nikol High children taking picture together.
Image Source: Insta@chinesekitty

Education - Alma Mater 

Taking about Nikol Hing qualification, she has earned a degree in Fashion Designing and merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T) located in New York. 

The Source Magazine 

After graduating as a fashion designer, Chinese Nicky started work as a fashion editor at the Source Magazine on Jan 2013. She got promoted to fashion stylist and assistant to advertising director, while she worked for the company. 

Nicky contributed over ten years of her life to the company, and she quit her job on Feb 2003.

Nightclub Owner 

Apart from Nikol Hing's work in the show business, she is also co-owner of several night clubs in the united states. She co-owns Lollypop's in Las Vegas, King of Diamonds located in Miami, and Room Service Bar and Lounge in Atlanta.

Plastic Surgery  

Chinese Nicky had gone through multiple cosmetic surgeries and she is very proud of herself for going through a knife. She is more concern about her looks and physic than worrying about people's criticism. Her surgeries include liposuction and breast implants.

Nicky's mother Chinese Kitty has also done multiple surgeries.

Nikol Hing poses for a picture.
Chinese Nicky taking a picture.
Image Source: Insta@chinesenicky


Chinese Nicky has done numbers of tattoos on her body, where her tattoos have different meaning each. She has inked sun symbol on her lower back, which represents her vitality and fertility. 

Social Sites and Website

Nikol Hing is fully active on her Instagram account @chinesenicky, where she has over 128k followers and 361 posts till date. She has also an official website chinesenicky, where her fans and well-wisher can get one step close to her through her day to day update about her life and works.

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