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Get to Know China Robinson – Musician Wayne Linsey's Better Half & Model Chanel Iman’s Mother

Published Tue Mar 10 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know China Robinson – Musician Wayne Linsey's Better Half & Model Chanel Iman’s Mother

China Robinson is an inspiring speaker, who was born in Seoul, South Korea. Over the years, China has struggled with an identity crisis but has fought her way to the top and is now a world known speaker.

She is a dynamic speaker who motivate her audiences to see their ability to be self-empowered and be control on their own decisions on their destination of life.

The meaning of her name China is the Chinese word "Qin", the name of the Dynasty that unified China but also exist as a state for centuries prior. Likewise, Robinson is an English patronymic surname, originating from England.

Blessed With a Daughter Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman is a daughter of China Robinson and Tic Price, born on December 1,1990 in Atlanta, Georgia, United Stated. Iman began modeling with Ford Models at age of 13. She is declared as one of the top 30 models of 2000s by Vogue Paris. 

China Robinson Daughter Chanel Iman

Like wise, in 2006 , she won third place in Ford's Super model of the World contest in New York. The bold Super model Chanel's net worth is at $8 million. On the other hand, she was featured on cover magazine Teen Vogue in her early days which shows she knew what she was going to do from her teen days. 

In 2010, she appeared in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and now has establish her own clothing boutique called 'The Red Bag'.

China Robinson As Inspiring Women

China Robinson is  a book writer who has struggle with an identity crisis because of Asian feature. She wrote motivational books such as 'Soul For Soul','Who Said You Look Like a Model', and many other. 

Chanel gets an immense support from her mother, and her daughter in several instances has said that China managed every thing for Chanel's modeling career. 

China Robinson an inspiring women

In 'Who Said You Look Like a Model', China expressed that an aspiring model can start modeling and compete in the industry by being herself. 

China even worked as an adviser and personal assistant to her daughter when she was starting out as a model. 

Ms.Robinson is also a inspiring speaker for young people and is known to motivate to embrace self-empowerment. China speak about 'Owning Your Dreams', how to plan, organize and develop career strategy that can take you as far as your heart desire.

Partner of China Robinson

China Robinson is an author, motivational speaker and model consultant. She is famous for her motivational speech and another reason behind her fame is that she is married to a famous musician, artist and song writer, Wayne Linsey. They dated for four years before finally getting married. 

Wayne however, is Chanel's step father but he loves China's daughter as his own.

China Robinson and Wayne Linsey

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