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Cheyenne Jackson's Former Spouse, Monte Lapka: The Physics Maestro

Published Tue Jan 02 2024 By Shraddha
Cheyenne Jackson's Former Spouse, Monte Lapka: The Physics Maestro

Monte Lapka is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise spanning over a decade in project management, IT, and business analysis. His specialization includes systems design and development, implementation, risk mitigation, and governance. 

Additionally, he is recognized as an American physicist and is known for his past marriage to actor and singer Cheyenne Jackson. Let’s take a deeper look into Monte’s life. 

Monte Lapka Wiki/Bio 

Monte was born on June 1, 1970, to his parents David Cossentine and his wife. He is from Brainerd, Minnesota and his birth name is Monte Leonard Cossentine-Lapka. Regarding his education, Lapka attended Brainerd High School before continuing his studies at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Monte Lapka Posing for A Picture.
Source: People 

Regarding his ethnic background, he is of Caucasian descent and holds American nationality.Recognized for his profession as a physicist, Monte Lapka has maintained a low profile, resulting in limited accessible information about his early life, education, and career.

Monte Lapka's Net Worth

Monte Lapka, recognized as a physicist, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $600,000 as of 2023. His average annual salary of $122,850 aligns with the typical income earned by physicists in the United States. 

His former spouse, the actor and singer-songwriter Cheyenne Jackson, is reportedly worth $5 million. Monte’s earnings have provided him with a comfortable lifestyle.

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Monte Lapka Career Highlights 

Monte Lapka is primarily recognized for his career as a professional physicist, with limited additional details available regarding his specific place of employment within this field. His prominence grew significantly following his relationship with the renowned actor Cheyenne Jackson. Their decade-long love affair drew attention from various media outlets and newspapers.

Since their separation in 2013, Monte deliberately steered clear of the spotlight to safeguard his privacy and avoid any unwanted attention.

Monte Lapka and his ex-husband, Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson and Monte Lapka dated for 11 years before tying the knot, yet details about their initial meeting remain undisclosed. They got married in 2011, with a beautiful wedding ceremony held in the Hamptons, New York, among close friends and family. 

Monte and His Ex-Husband, Cheyenne Enjoying Their Vacation.
Source: EquallyWed

Initially, their marriage seemed promising, but disagreements emerged swiftly, leading to difficulties in maintaining their relationship. Eventually, Cheyenne Jackson and Monte Lapka decided to divorce.

Monte Lapka’s Ex-Husband Cheyenne Jackson 

Cheyenne David Jackson is a highly acclaimed American actor and singer, renowned for his versatile talents across various entertainment mediums. He commenced his acting career in regional theatre in Seattle, Washington, before making a move to Manhattan. Initially an understudy in productions like Thoroughly Modern Millie (2002) and Aida (2003), he later originated the role of Matthew in the workshop production of Altar Boyz (2004).

Jackson's Broadway journey saw him in leading roles, notably in All Shook Up (2005), which garnered him a Theatre World Award for "Outstanding Broadway Debut." His impressive stage credits also include The Agony & the Agony (2006), Xanadu (2007), Damn Yankees (2008), Finian's Rainbow (2010), 8 (2011), The Heart of the Matter (2012), The Performers (2013), The Secret Garden (2016), and Into the Woods (2022).

In the realm of film, Jackson showcased his acting prowess in projects such as United 93 (2006), earning recognition for his portrayal of Mark Bingham. He also played significant roles in the independent romantic comedy Mutual Friends (2014) and made guest appearances in TV series like NBC's 30 Rock and Fox's Glee. Notably, he starred in multiple seasons of the FX horror anthology American Horror Story from 2015 onwards.

Jackson's musical talents extend to sold-out concerts at Carnegie Hall and performances in cabarets. He has released several albums, including collaborations like The Power of Two with Michael Feinstein (2008) and his solo album Renaissance (2016), stemming from his concert Music of the Mad Men Era.

Additionally, Jackson ventured into acting roles for Disney Channel's Descendants 3 and reunited with Descendants alumni in Netflix's Julie and the Phantoms in 2020. His multifaceted career continues to highlight his exceptional skills in both acting and music.

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Monte and Cheyenne’s Divorce.

In 2013, Monte and Cheyenne got divorced, mutually agreeing to end their marriage amicably. Monte Lapka never remarried and led a private and quiet life. Details regarding his current relationship status, including whether he is married, dating, or has a partner, remain undisclosed. In contrast, his ex-wife Cheyenne moved on and married American actor Jason Landau. They celebrated their union with a lovely private wedding ceremony in 2014.

Monte and Cheyenne Together.
Source: Daily Mail

Jackson and Landau continue to enjoy a thriving marriage. However, in October 2016, Cheyenne Jackson and his husband, Jason Landau, announced the birth of their fraternal twins via Instagram. Their twins, named Ethan and Willow, are growing and developing unique personalities of their own.

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