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Meet Chelsea Peretti – “Gina Linetti” From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Published Tue Dec 03 2019 By DGM
Meet Chelsea Peretti – “Gina Linetti” From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Damn Gina, making us all hate you and then love and relate to you within a few episodes. Chelsea Peretti, or Gina Lenetti is another Brooklyn Nine-Nine star that we all love. Peretti was blessed to the world on 20th February, 1978 in California. Just like her Nine-Nine character, she is sassy, funny, relatable and even more relatable in real life.

Here are 10 facts on the very funny and sassy Brooklyn Nine-Nine character we can all relate to very much.

What's her Net Worth?

Chelsea Peretti has the net worth of $3 million which she accumulated her worth through her career as an actress, a comedian and a screenwriter.

Successful Famous Sibling - Jonah Peretti

We all love buzzfeed, from quizzes to their very, very entertaining videos, buzzfeed has been there through many dinner and lunches and procrastinating period. Have you ever wondered who found the wondrous buzzfeed though? I'll make it easier for you and say it. It is Chelsea's brother, Jonah Peretti. 

A picture of Chelsea Peretti with her brother Jonah Peretti.
Chelsea Peretti with her brother Jonah Peretti.
Picture Courtesy: The Times

Alongside Jonah, Chelsea has a brother and a sister as well who have both lived their life away from the fame their two sibs brought home.

Alma Mater- Education

Being born and raised in California, Peretti attended Willard Junior High School. She then later went on to The College Preparatory School in Oakland and flew to New York where she attended the Bernard College.

Famous School Friends

Just how Gina was Jake Peralta's friend from school, Chelsea is also Andy Samberg's friend from elementary. Samberg was not Peretti's first and last celebrity friend. She then later attended junior high with Moshe Kasher. 

Eloping With Hubby

Except her private life, Chelsea Peretti is a very vocal woman, all in all. She met her soulmate Jordan Peele in the year 2013 through Twitter proving people that Internet love is oh so very real. They hung out and started to date very soon after that. After two years of dating in 2015, Peele got down on his knees and proposed Chelsea during a family talent show.

A picture of Chelsea Peretti with her husband, Jordan Peele.
Chelsea Peretti with her husband, Jordan Peele.
Image Source: Pop Sugar

Again after a year in 2016, the low key couple had everyone shook when they announced that they had eloped. The only witness to their magical event was the couple's dog. 

Mother Of One

Remember how Queen Bey had announced her pregnancy and broke the internet? During that time, Chelsea also took to her Instagram to announce that she was pregnant. With a little hilarious caption, Peretti brought smile to all of our faces.

On the 1st of July, Peele and Peretti's baby was brought onto this world. The couple named their baby "Beaumont Gino Peele". 

Her Son Is Her World

In a two part Instagram post, Chelsea Peretti shares a picture of an apple bread, which looks scrumptious. She updated everyone waiting for update that the bread turned out to be okay even though it sunk a little bit. Adding another update to the same post, she reveals that her baby told her that he loves it and that got her very emotional. She added a few words on how she is a corny mom and her son is her world. 

Enjoys A Cozy Sleepover With Friends

After Chelsea's crazy full time job as a mom, she has took a night off and enjoyed it to the fullest. Cute and cozy jammies, two friends and lattes with their name on them is her idea of a perfect sleepover. With her two besties, Esther and Kate, she had fun and posted pictures saying that the sleepover was restorative and even recommends it to everyone. 

Writing Career

Before a famous comedian who has never failed to not make anyone laugh, Chelsea was actually a writer. She has written for many online websites including her brother. Jonah's co founded site, The Huffington Post. Her other works includes her writing in the Details, the Village Voice and Playgirl.

A Doughnut Fanatic

Just like every one of us, Chelsea Peretti donut say no to doughnuts. She took her love for the yummy food to another level by dressing up as a coffee and a doughnut in the Halloween 2019. As if Chelsea was not enough of a snack.

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