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Get to Know Chelsea Ambriz - Interesting Facts and Photos of WISH-TV Meteorologist

Published Tue Jan 19 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Chelsea Ambriz - Interesting Facts and Photos of WISH-TV Meteorologist

Chelsea Ambriz is a well-known television personality who has been working in the industry since 2014. She is a meteorologist and has worked at WSAZ station. 

On 17th June 1992, she was born in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Her mother's name is Debra "Debbie" Jean Wright, a photographer whereas her father's details are unknown. 

Ambriz has obtained her degree from Purdue, with a minor in communication. And also has the certificate of global entrepreneurship and innovation.  

Let's look at the below passages to know more about Ambriz.

Net Worth: $2 million

Chelsea Ambriz has an estimated net worth of $2 million which she has been earning through her career as a meteorologist. 

She began her professional life after graduation as an intern for the CW- affiliated, WISH-TV. Later, the meteorologist has worked in WBB-Tv, WSAZ, and many other networks. 

She is currently working for the 'Weather Nation' as a Weather Reporter where her salary is above $71,081 per annum. 

The meteorologist of 'Weather Nation'.
Image Source: CBK Media Management 

Fight with Co-worker

In 2018, Ambriz and her co-host, Erica Bivens went for a night out along with Bivens' husband Joe Draper. They enjoy there a lot which later turns into a bad night. 

At the club, Chelsea couldn't control herself and began flirt with Mr. Draper and Bivens's spouse avoid her and went back to his wife. 

When Erica gets to know all the behavior of Ambriz which led to a bar brawl. They started attacking each other and one of them have to be hospitalized.

Chelsea Ambriz and Erica Bivens co-hosting the 'WBAZ 3'. 
Image Source: New York Post

Ruptured Eardrum and Skull Fractured

In the incident, Chelsea was diagnosed with a ruptured eardrum and a skull fractured. Whereas Erica suffered serious hearing loss and was taken to hospital. There is also a report that the two have some tension at work which was also an additional reason to get such aggression. 

Dismissed Allegations

After that, Biven was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. Later, she pleaded not guilty and the victim failed to appear in court which led to dismiss the case. Then, Ambiz claims that she was incorrectly charged without proper investigation. 

Relationship Status 

Chelsea Ambriz is single but she often posts her pictures with a guy name Benjamin Groth. Recently, the metrologist has cleared that with a picture which they click at Clay's Center for the Arts and Science with the hashtag #notaboyfriend. 

The caption on Instagram clears that they are good friends and not lovers. She has been focusing on her career, aside from fell in love and wasting her time. 

Chelsea Ambriz with her rumor boyfriend Benjamin Groth at Clay's Center.
Image Source: Instagram 


The television personality loves to travel to different places to explore the world. She usually posts photos of her vacation with friends on social media. Recently, she visits Keystone and Buena Vista of Colorado with her friend Kelly. 

Animal Lovers

Besides the busy schedule, she spent quality time with her pets. Chelsea has two cats and a dog with breeds Turkish Angora and Labradoodle respectively. On Instagram account, we can see pictures of her pets. 

Two Turkish Angora cats as her pet.
Image Source: Instagram 

Other Language 

Few people are only known that Ambriz also knows the Chinese language. She travels to Beijing, China, and Hong Kong to attend Baptist University, where she learned about Chinese Culture.  

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