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Chaz Bono’s Secret on 60 Pounds Weight Loss – Before and After Pictures

Published Thu Jul 04 2019 By Samana
Chaz Bono’s Secret on 60 Pounds Weight Loss – Before and After Pictures

Chaz Bono, starting from 250 lbs lost over 80 lbs and transformed himself from an overweight person to a healthy normal weighing person. The transformation made him more comfortable in his own skin and everything is physically and mentally very easier for him.

Bono even thought about plastic surgery but didn't do it. How and what happened to Chaz's body? Read below to find out.

The Sex Transformation Defect

Chaz, when he was Chastity had always felt that he did not belong in the body she received at birth. He spoke about when he came out of the closet as a lesbian when he was in his mid 20's and did not really understand the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. 

When he did understand these terms, he figured out why he was not exactly in his happy place even after coming out as a lesbian since he liked girls.

After Chaz Bono identified his gender identity, he went on to getting sex changing surgeries. The main and the most important reason for him to get under the knife was to really just be what he always was. 

However, Chaz's gender transformation surgery caused hormonal imbalance on his body which caused him to gain a lot of hefty weight. Additional weight started to build up as he neglected a healthy diet and exercise. 

Transformation: Before and After Pictures

Chaz had never been overweight before he had his surgery done, even when he was a child, he would be put into a certain diet and being underweight was very much important. So after the hormones went a little crazy, Chaz still refused and was in denial about him being overweight. 

Bono participated in the show "Dancing With The Star" and then later in a talk show called "The Doctors" who brought him to the transformation lane and he's been there ever since.

Chaz Bono Before and After
Chaz Bono Before (left) and After (right) Weight Loss Transformation.
Image Source: Cell Code
Chaz Before and after the weight loss
Another before and after picture of Chaz.
Image Source: G Mag

Chaz Bono's Take On Diets:

Chaz has been very vocal about his weight transformation and how the after math of the harsh eating and working out habits are so much worth it. 

Bono had a nutritionist, a personal trainer and a physician to help him slim down his body. He also has spoke about how eating -nothing-throughout-the-day diet does not help at all and it is all about eating habits and changing it into a healthy one and adjusting to it. 

Chaz has made some big changes to his fooding habits which includes excluding grains, sugars and dairy from his daily diet and taking in fruits, green healthy vegetables, nuts and meat protein. This diet helped him go from 250 lbs to 165 lbs and according to the activist, works. 

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