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Get to Know Charlie Ocean Goldblum - Emilie Livingston's Son With Jeff Goldblum

Published Sat Jan 11 2020 By Samana
Get to Know Charlie Ocean Goldblum - Emilie Livingston's Son With Jeff Goldblum

Charlie Ocean Goldblum is the celebrity baby born to the famous retired Olympic rhythmic gymnast, Emilie Livingston and Jeff Goldblum. He was born on July 4, 2015.

The name "Charlie" means "Free man".

The name "Ocean" means "the whole body of salt water which covers more than three fifths of the surface of the globe". 

Sibling - River Joe Goldblum

Charlie Ocean is a big brother to his baby brother, River Joe Goldblum. River Joe was born on April 7, 2017 and Charlie's life has been hectic ever since. 

Being a very good big brother he is, he takes care of his lil bro and loves him more than he loves his parents. The two boys' bond is very strong and they are really inseparable. Charlie got a little brother who he can play with and River got a big brother who will protect him no matter what.

Charlie with his parents and baby brother, River.
Charlie with his parents and baby brother, River.
Image Source: Answers Africa

Father Announced His Birth On The Late Show

After keeping a secret for a few months, the excited papa Goldblum could not hold it any longer. Too ecstatic to be a father, he announced Emilia was pregnant with Charlie on his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. He also announced that they were pregnant with a boy and would name him 'Charlie' or 'Elliot'.

Loves His Dessert

It is no surprise that the famous celebrity baby is also like every one of us- he loves dessert. Charlie Ocean and his parents, Emilie and Jeff were seen taking a stroll in Los Angeles, enjoying their time out. The three hands in hands entered a frozen yogurt shop where Charlie grabbed a treat for himself and enjoyed it to the fullest. 

Parents Net Worth

Charlie's mother, Emilie Livingston has the net worth of $1 million thanks to her career as a dancer, aerialist and contortionist. She also has starred in many movies as a body double for actresses like Emma Stone and Rihanna. 

His's father, Jeff Goldblum has the net worth of $40 million. He accumulated his riches through his career as a film and a television show actor. 

Parents' Relationship

Charlie Ocean Goldblum's father had already been married twice before he met Charlie's mother. The pair first met at the gym and Jeff had saw Emilie from across the room which was very crowded.

Emilie obviously caught his attention from the pool of sweaty people and the two conversed. Right then and there Jeff fell in love at first sight with Emilie and there was no turning back. Goldblum and Livingston tied the knot on November 8, 2014 in Chateau Marmont Hotel which is located in Los Angeles. 

Charlie's loving parents.
Charlie's loving parents.

The two have been really happy ever since and have not been involved in any extra marital affairs. 

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