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Facts About Charlie Bewley - "The Twilight Saga" Actor

Published Fri Jul 19 2019 By DGM
Facts About Charlie Bewley - "The Twilight Saga" Actor

Charlie Bewley is an English actor who is best known for his role as the Vampire Demetri in 'The Twilight Saga' films. He has also worked in other movies such as 'Like Crazy' and 'Soldiers of Fortune'.

Bewley was born on the 25th of January, 1981 in London, United Kingdom and has been active in the field of acting since 2009. Here are 10 facts about Charlie Bewley:

How Much is Charlie Bewley Worth?

Charlie Bewley, as an actor has had great success since the beginning of his acting career. As of July 2019, he holds an estimated net worth of $215 million. Isn't that an impressive number? 

Bewley has managed to achieve the milestone in a short period of time. And we cannot say that the numbers will not rise in the future.

Relationship Status - Single

The 38 years old (as of July 2019) actor is currently single and isn't alleged to any types of rumors of dating anyone or marrying anyone. It would be interesting to see who the star is going to date or marry in the coming days because he's a charming man and can steal the heart of any girl. 

Three Siblings

The 'Hammer of the Gods' star has three younger siblings and is the eldest of the four children of his parents. His siblings include a sister Lydia Bewley and two brothers James Bewley and Andre Bewley. He has a very lovely bonding with all of them and shares a happy relationship with them.

Koala as Pet

Having cats and dogs as pets is nothing new for celebrities these days. But the English actor thought of a petting a different animal. What he owns as a pet is a cute little Koala which he loves very much and has uploaded a few pictures with the adorable creature.

Loves Riding Bikes

Among the different hobbies of the prominent actor, Charlie is a vivid bike rider and loves riding bikes. It is a wonderful hobby that he adores and his bike matters to him the most like his baby.

Loves Traveling

Like most of the celebrities, Bewley also is a travel freak and loves traveling around the world. He visits the finest places on the earth but how does he afford them all? Well, he is a multi-millionaire actor who has a strong fortune carrying his back for all the traveling expenses.

A picture of Charlie Bewley admiring a beautiful scenery.
Charlie Bewley admiring a beautiful scenery.


Charlie has had a very successful career in acting and given numerous hit movies. His role as the Vampire Demeteri in the 'Twilight Saga' movies gave him the big breakthrough that he need in his career. He featured in movies of the franchise and has also acted in a TV show 'The Vampire Diaries' which is another part of his well-going career.

A picture of Charlie Bewley as Demetri in Twilight Saga.
Charlie Bewley as Demetri in Twilight Saga.

Instagram Account

Charlie Bewley aka vampire Demetri is on Instagram if you want to know what he is doing in his off-screen life. He is on Instagram by the name @charliebewley and has over 2,700 followers with 80 posts. He posts pictures of him either travelling or having fun time with his friends.

Education - Alma Mater

The Los Angeles native completed his education from 'Loughborough Grammar School' and 'Oakham School' in Rutland. Later on, he joined a college based on arts and polished in acting skills from there.

Body Features

Charlie Bewley stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) and weighs a weight of 82 kg (180 lbs). He has a pair of blue and grey mixed colored eyes and Light Blonde hair. He is a muscular and fit, thanks to all the workout he does!

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