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Late Duchess of Alba Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart Plastic Surgery and Disaster

Published Fri Oct 25 2019 By Akki
Late Duchess of Alba Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart Plastic Surgery and Disaster

The late 18th Duchess of Alba, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart is one of those celebrities, who had suffered facial deformity as a consequence of multiple plastic surgeries. She was constantly making headlines for having disaster plastic surgery.

Stuart had never commented on her horribly wrong surgery, however, she hadn't denied her drastic natural beauty. She went under the knife and had the number of cosmetic surgeries done. Here are the surgeries that she was rumored to have done:

Cayetana Fitz Before and After 

The most titled person in the world, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart's charming look came to be a disaster after all huge amounts of payment for surgeries. The number of surgeries resulted with negative effect on her face. Let's examine differences on her before and after picture:

A picture of Cayetana Fitz before and after.
Picture of Cayetana Fitz before and after surgery.
Image Source: 

Botox Injection

Following the reputation of being head of the House of Alba, she loves to keep her face younger charming with a gesture. Her achievement and look were her strengths in her growing age. In an order to maintain her youthfulness, she had multiple injections of Botox. 

After the surgeries, her face was meant to look pretty with youthful expression getting rid of wrinkles. However, her surgery went drastic, where her face got tightened more than expected. The pumped-up cheeks were one of the negative effects of the surgery.

Nose Job

Fitz had never admitted to had a nose job but her nose's appearance has changed over ages. She was rumored to have more than one rhinoplasty in her lifetime. Her nose was changed into bigger and pointed from crooked and flat after she went into a knife and had a nose job.

Even after all those surgeries she had, the change on her nose didn't suit her look. She wasn't able to achieve a charming and beautiful look from the number of surgeries. In fact, her nose job became part of her plastic surgery disaster.

Cayetana Fitz before and after picture.
Cayetana Fitz before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: ChatterBusy.BlogSpot

Fat Injection

Another surgery that the Spanish royal Fitz had was the fat injection. She went through a knife in order to remove lines and wrinkles from her face. However, her surgeries failed in gaining the appearance of a young and attractive look. 

Lip Filler

In the 21st century, every single woman wants to have a gorgeous look with sexy lips. Like all those women, the late 29th Lady of Moguer, Cayetana Fitz simply desired to have one. 

In order to have the perfect shape, she injected her lips with filler but that results in a negative way. After all the surgeries she was just another addicted plastic surgery disaster victim like; Jocelyn Wildenstein aka Cat Women.

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