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Facts About Cathy Zhang - Billionaire Jack Ma's Wife and Mother of Three

Published Sat Sep 21 2019 By Akki
Facts About Cathy Zhang - Billionaire Jack Ma's Wife and Mother of Three

Cathy Zhang aka Zhang Ying is a former Chinese teacher, who is very famous for being the wife of billionaire Jack Ma. The couple shares beautiful children and has been together with strong bond. She was born in Hangzhou, China and belongs to Asian ethnicity/races.

Here are 10 facts about Cathy Zhang's life;

What's her Net Worth? 

Cathy Zhang has a net worth of $10 million, which she accumulated through her professional career as a general manager of Ali Baba and teaching profession. 

Her fortune includes her rich wardrobe collection including expensive jewelry stuff made of diamond and golds.

Jack Ma and his wife Zhang Ying in a small Chinese office.
Jack Ma and Zhang Ying caught together on camera in their office in 1996.
Image Source: Polly Too

In addition, her husband Jack Ma is the world 21 richest men with the massive bank balance of $40.3 Billion. He is a co-founder and former chairs of the Alibaba Group, one of the world's largest e-commerce businesses.

Lavish Life 

Zhang Ying spends huge amount of her fortune for luxurious livelihood. She flies in a private jet to dream destination and stays in luxurious star hotels with her family. She spends quality of time meeting socialite people attending high-profile parties and functions.

House in Hong Kong

Zhang is the residence of Hong Kong and lives in a gigantic mansion with her family. The couple bought the house for  $193 million, which was built in 9,890 square feet land. The house is one of the world expensive in the world feature with spa, swimming pool, and garden.

Cars Collection 

Zhang is an avid car collector and owns numbers of expensive cars. The pair owns silver-colored Roewe RX5 SUV, which price starts at $15,000 as stated in the CNBC.

Husband - Jack Ma 

The man behind Zhang Ying smile is nor other than her husband Jack Ma. The two attended the same college and married in the late 1980s shortly after graduation. The lover is blessed with three children and living a blissful life as a happy family. 

Taking about their love life; Zhang stated her husband Jack wasn't handsome but her felling towards his potential that handsome men can't do took her heart.

Jack Ma pose for a picture with his daughter.
Jake Ma taking picture with his daughter.
Image Source: Linkedin  Sourabh Aggarwal

Three Children 

Cathy Zhang and Ma Yun shares three children together; a daughter Ma Yuanbao and a boy Ma Yuankun aka Jerry Ma. Jerry is the first child of the couple born in 1992, who got graduated from the University of California in Berkeley. 

Education - Alma Mater

Talking about Zhang Ying's qualification, she studied and got graduated from Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute. The institute is located at Hangzhou, China and currently known as Hangzhou Normal University.

Alibaba Group 

Alibaba Group is a multi-billionaire company specializing in e-commerce, retail, and technology. Zhang Ying helped her husband Jack to established his first company by investing in USD 20,000. She worked as a general manager for the company before she left to be the homemaker.

Alibaba office.
Alibaba office picture.
Image Source: Linkedin  Sourabh Aggarwal


Cathy Zhang is a very kind heart women and actively involved in social work and charity functions. The lover has been investing millions of dollars for improving education systems and health sector. Jack Ma Foundation has donated $10 million to African entrepreneurs.

No Social Media Presence 

Zhang Ying loves to live the life of out of the spotlight and keep maintain privacy over her personal life. She makes a rare public appearance and hasn't been actively in social networking sites.

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