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Carson Daly's All 10 Tattoos With Their Significant Meaning

Published Fri Aug 07 2020 By Aashika
Carson Daly's All 10 Tattoos With Their Significant Meaning

The television host, radio personality, producer, and television personality, Carson Jones Daly is fond of doing ink on his body. He has a total of 10 tattoos on his body part which has a back story of his life.

Many people do tattoos as a remembering of a close person with whom they had precious moments. The same happened with our Carson Daly and he has done many inked by which he has many memories connection. 

Here is some information about Daly’s tattoos with meanings.

1. NYC On The Right Wrist

Daly has a letter NYC inked on his right wrist which shows that he is proud of being a New Yorker. He did this tattoo in the month of September when he was working at MTV in Times Square.

NYC on the right wrist. 
Image Source: Today Show

2. ‘456’ On his Calf

He has a ‘456’ logo inked which is a tribute to his love of music. Fewer people know that before the TV personality, he was a DJ. The meaning is that ‘456’ is the logo of a record label, which reflects his passion for music.

His '456' inked.
Image Source: Body Art Guru

3. One-Eyed Jack on Right Arm

Carson has one-eyed-jack inked on right arms which are made for his son Jack Daly as the tattoo has many Jack references with his son’s name written at the bottom of it and his date of birth on the top. An image has one designed in the middle that is a symbol of a warrior. 

One-Eyed Jack on Right Arm.
Image Source: Body Art Guru

4. Tribute To Father on Right Arm

TV host, Daly has tattoos of the initials name of his father ‘JD’ on his right inner arm along with a crucifix. His father worked as a Corvette dealer due to which he has designed tattoos after the hood ornament of a 1977 model Corvette. 

Inked for her father on the right arm.

5. US Army Special Forces Logo On Left Arm

He is proud of being an American citizen which shows his tattoo on his left arm. He has DE OPPRE SSO LIBRE with the flag of ‘US Army Special Forces. The translation of the sentence is ‘To free the oppressed’. This inked is dedication for his grandfather who was a green beret in the Army forces. 

US Army Special Forces logo on the left arm.

6. Niece On Left Arm 

He is very close with his niece and has done a tattoo of her name ‘Jaden Patricia’ on the left arm. In fact, the name ‘Patrica’ is also his mother’s name. 

Tattoo of his niece's name Jaden Patricia.

7. Leo the Lion on Lower Arm

On his lower arm, you will a lion with a rose. The meaning of the tattoo is ‘Strength’. The flower honors both Daley’s daughter London Rose and his grandmother, whose name was Rose. The inked of the lion is a nod to his daughter's birthday which held on August 20, 2014, that she belongs to Leo birth sign. 

His Leo The Lion on lower arm.

8. Wonder Woman

He has also done one tattoo for his elder daughter, Etta Jones Daly. On his right forearm, you can find a ‘Wonder Woman’ ink, an idea from his daughter's astrology sign Virgo. And also has a Statue of Liberty next to it. 

9. The Crab

The print of ‘Crab’ is a surprising tattoo. It is a cover-up of the name of one of his ex-girlfriends, Jennifer Love Hewitt. He asked his tattoo artist if they would come up with a way to blackout her name, so the artist did a crab claw coming out of a pocket knife.

Crab on his ankle.
Image Source: Body Art Guru

10. Stepfather ‘s Favorite Drink On Left Wrist

He has a tattoo on his left wrist which reads Curly Sark, which is dedication and love for his stepfather. The inked is about his stepfather’s favorite drink along with its bottle logo. 

Curly Sark drink inked on the left wrist. 

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