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Facts About Carrie Schenken - Amanda Bearse's Wife Since 2010

Published Wed Sep 15 2021 By Kri
Facts About Carrie Schenken - Amanda Bearse's Wife Since 2010

Carrie Schenken is the wife of Amanda Bearse an American actress and comedian. Carrie is professionally a camera technician. 

Schenken is rather popular as a wife of Amanda than as a camera technician. She along with her wife is known to have fought the LGBTQ+ society's rights and to marry freely whomever they like. 

Let's get to know more about Amanda's wife Carrie below!

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Carrie Schenken is around $500,000. The only income source of Carrie we know of is her career as a camera technician. Not much is known about the income of Carrie. She prefers to keep her life private and away from the media. 

Her wife Amanda Bearse however has an estimated net worth of $16 million which is hard-earned through her successful acting career. 

Relationship With Amanda

Schenken and Bearse both being in the entertainment industry had their first meet while working together in the same field. The couple met each other in 2008. 

They clicked with each other very instantly and took forward steps in their relationship. Soon after two years of their meeting, they both decided to get married.

Amanda Bearse with her wife Carrie Schenken

The couple belonging to the LGBTQ+ community kept their wedding ceremony private and only invited their close friends and family. 

Adopted Child

Amanda Bearce, before marrying Carrie Schenken had already adopted a child name, Zoe. Also after their marriage, the two of them decided to adopt another child and raise them together. 

They both are proud to be a parent of two kids and share immense love in the family. They are leading a happy life together with their two children and living as a family of four. 

The couple however has kept the information on their child private. Amanda once mentioned that she wants to raise her children away from the presence of the media and want to give them a normal life without any pressure from outside. 

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