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Facts About Caroline Heller - American Author

Published Sun Sep 08 2019 By DGM
Facts About Caroline Heller - American Author

Caroline Heller is a famous American author who is popular for writing books 'Reading Claudius: A Memoir in Two Parts' (2015) and 'Until We Are Strong Together: Women Writers in the Tenderloin Caroline Heller' (1997).

Heller has gained a lot of success and fame by writing the two incredibly hit books. Here are 7 facts about her:

Director of PhD Program

The gorgeous writer is also the director of PhD in Educational Studies Programs at Lesley University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts of the United States. He also works as a professor and teaches the subject at the university.

Successful Books

Caroline Heller has written two books so far and both of them became incredibly successful. Her first book was 'Until We Are Strong Together: Women Writers in the Tenderloin Caroline Heller' (1997). 

The book focuses on working together with adult women residents of Tenderloin district of San Francisco and is available at Amazon for $75 (hard cover) and $43 for paperback.

A picture ofCover pages of Caroline Heller's books.
Cover pages of Caroline Heller's books.

The wonderful professor's second book released four years ago which was entitled 'Reading Claudius: A Memoir in Two Parts'. The book focuses around the struggle that Heller's parents had to suffer at the time of World War II. 

The rules and policies of Adolf Hitler at that time made situation even worse for her parents. So, the book features everything she and her parents had to go through the hard times of war. The book can be purchased for a starting price of $1.35 at book stores and online.

Education - Alma Mater

Caroline completed her Bachelors in BA from University of Chicago. Not only that, she also mastered in MFA from Bennington College located at Vermont. She later completed her EdD (Doctorate in Education) from the University of California at Berkeley.

A picture of Caroline Heller.
Caroline Heller.
Image Source: Eileen Wynne Ball

Involved in Support of Women Scientists

Besides being a successful author, Caroline Heller is also very much involved in support and upbringing of prominent women scientists. She is actively involved in promoting women in the field of science and how they can do development in it.

Interested in Intersection Between Qualitative Research and Journalism

Caroline is a professor who is also interested in the intersection between qualitative research and journalism. It is because being a lecturer and teacher, it is better if we know about things out of the content. She believes in being jack of all trades, master of some.

Parents Were Different Countries

The talented author was born to a couple from Prague; father Paul Heller and mother Liese Florsheim where Paul was a native citizen of there but Liese was a German refugee.

So, her parents were basically from different countries and she was born as an inter-caste.

A picture of Caroline Heller.
Caroline Heller is a multi-talented person.
Image Source: Lesley University

Living a Low Key Life

Erich Heller's niece lives a very low key life and maintains her distance with outer world. Neither she has any social media accounts nor she is very often spotted in public easily. 

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