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Caroline Heldman - Facts About Fox Reporter and Political Activist

Published Sun Jul 11 2021 By Aashika
Caroline Heldman - Facts About Fox Reporter and Political Activist

Caroline Heldman is known as a congressional staffer, campaign manager, and political activist. She has also worked as a commentator in Fox News Network in 2008. 

On 19th November 1972, she came into this world whereas her birthplace is in the United States. Her parents are Jerry Heldman (father) and Julia Selvidge (mother). She was raised with her five siblings and had a wonderful childhood.

Let's know more information about her.  

How Much Does Heldman Have Net Worth?

Caroline Heldman has an estimated net worth of $3 million which she made from her career as executive director, television presenter, professor, and political commentator. Her professional life began as an adjunct professor for "Rutger University" in 2000. After that served in "Whittier College" as an assistant professor from 2002 to 2006. 

She joined in the position of Executive director for "The Representation Project" from 2018 to the present. Moreover, gained experience from "Green Davis Institute on Gender in Media" and "Occidental College". Caroline has worked as a commentator for CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, and CNBC. 

Not only this, but she has also worked in some documentary movies such as "Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution", "The Mask You Live In", "Informant", "The Hunting Ground", and so on.

Caroline Heldman while working in the "FOX NEWS".
Image Source: Youtube

As An Author

The television presenter is also a well-known author who has written 6 books altogether. In 2017, she published her first book "Protest Politics in the Marketplace: Consumer Activism in the Corporate Age". Likewise, her other books are "Women, Power, and Politics: The Fight...", "Madame President? Gender...", "Sex and Gender in the 2016 Presidental Election", and so on.  

Caroline Heldman's book "Protest Politics in the Marketplace: Consumer Activism in the Corporate Age".
Image Source: Amazon

Has To Face Harassment 

Heldman was harassed in Fox News in her career beginning. In 2008, she broke her silence and leave the network. The man who tied to harass were Eric Bolling, Bill O'Reilly, and Woody Fraser.

In April 2017, the presenter protested formally against Bill O'Reilly and Eric Bolling alleged for raping many girls who want to make a career in the industry. They were staff from a lower level like makeup artists and contract employees. Some of them raised the voice but some keep silent on the matter because of job losing fear. Later, Eric Bolling was suspended but Bill O'Reilly was fired from the job. 

Caroline Heldman's became headline when she alleged sexual harassment by  Bill O'Reilly and Eric Bolling.
Image Source: MSNBC News

Relationship or Love Life

On 11th March 2012, Caroline Heldman revealed her relationship through her Twitter account. She tweeted that she is dating a Serbian partner. Apart from it, Heldman never spoke about her boyfriend and has always kept her personal life away from the limelight. There is no other information about whether Caroline is single or dating someone or has already married. 

Active on Social Media 

Heldman is quite active on social networking sites. She has created an account on Twitter and LinkedIn. On Twitter, there are more than 12.2k followers where 36.5k plus tweets. Other than these the tv personality doesn't have a user id. 

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