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Get to Know Caroline Brazier - Pictures and Facts About This Beautiful Australian Actress

Published Mon Dec 28 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Caroline Brazier - Pictures and Facts About This Beautiful Australian Actress

Caroline Brazier is an Australian actress who is well-known as a Kirsty of the series, '30 Second'. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 2000 and has worked in numerous Tv series and movies. 

The actress was born in 1970, in Perth, Western Australia. She pursued her education at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 1998. Brazier is popular for being the ex-wife of actor Geoff Morrell. 

Let's see some unknown and interesting facts about Brazier.

Net Worth: $1 million 

Caroline Brazier holds an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has been earning a considerable amount of income from an acting career as well as an acting coach. 

The actress started her career in the television industry in 2000 from 'Above the Law' as Carla Benning. Since then, she never stops her acting and has appeared in numerous series and films. Currently, Morrell's ex-wife is a thespian and trains upcoming actors/actresses.

In the drama series "Rake" with co-stars Richard Roxburgh, Adrienne Pickering, and Jacqueline McKenzie.
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Former Husband 

Caroline Brazier is the former wife of Geoff Morrell, a promising actor who is better known for starring in 'Oscar and Lucinda' and 'Murder Call'. The couple was married once but their wedding life couldn't go so far which ended by divorce.

Caroline Brazier and her ex-husband Geoff Morrell.
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Two Children

The beautiful actress is the mother of two children. Her children's information has not come out and also they are living private life away from the media. After the divorce, Brazier is staying at her parents' house whereas both children's custody is given to their father.  

Wrote on Memory of Bardiya McKinnon

Brazier wrote heartfelt condolence for the young actor, Bardiya McKinnon on her Instagram account. She expressed her feelings and memories that she shares with him. They have worked together in the film "Just Within Reach" where McKinnon was her son. 

Like the actress, when the news spread of the death of Bardiya on November 21, 2020, the whole industry was shocked. The cause of his at a young age was being the victim of a hit and run incident while riding a motorbike. 

The last message is written to the late actor Bardiya McKinnon.
Image Source: Instagram

Animal Lover 

'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' actress is avid about animals and has kept four pets at home. She has three dogs and one cat with which spent a  lot of time. If we look at her Instagram account, you can see how much she is obsessed with her pets. 

Caroline Brazier shares her dog's picture on social media. 
Image Source: Instagram 

Social Media

Caroline Brazier is one of the active social media users among celebrities. She has Instagram and Twitter where her followers are more than 1,786 and 380 respectively. On the social page, she often posts her pictures with family and friends. 

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