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Get to Know Late Carolin Bacic - Facts and Pictures of Steve Babcic's Former Wife

Published Wed Jan 27 2021 By Samana
Get to Know Late Carolin Bacic - Facts and Pictures of Steve Babcic's Former Wife

Carolin Bacic is the late wife of the famous Canadian actor Steve Bacic. Carolin was born on 13 March 1965 in Canada. 

Here are some facts about the gorgeous late wife of Bacic:

What is Carolin Bacic's Net Worth?

Carolin Bacic was a Client Care Professional and her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. The earnings of 'Client Care Professionals' are estimated to be "$33,000."

Husband's Net Worth

Carolin's husband, Steve Bacic has a net worth of $2 million. He earned his wealth through his career as an actor. 

He can be seen in different movies like 21 Jump Street and famous television shows like "X Files" and "Supernatural". 

Carolin's handsome and rich husband.
Carolin's handsome and rich husband Steve Bacic.
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Marriage With Steve Bacic

Since Steve was very much private about his life, he refused to answer any question that led up to his home life.

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Everything is kept hidden from the public about Steve's life which also means the information about his relationship with Carolin is not public. 

Carolin and Steve's private wedding.
Carolin and Steve's private wedding.
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Being respectful towards his wish of not bringing his private life in public, the couple had been dating for quite some time. They exchanged their vows in a private event which was only attended by their close friends and family. 


Carolin and Steve are blessed with three beautiful babies: two daughters and a son. Their children's names are Emma Bacic, Steven Bacic, and Lily Basic. 

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Steven is the eldest among them, followed by Emma, and finally Lily the youngest. Carolin was super close to all three of her kids and every moment they spent together was on their hearts. 


Carolin had to leave her loving husband and beloved children behind in a better place on January 4, 2019. Steve is very private about his life so the news about Carolin's death came from her youngest daughter's Instagram post. 

She pours her heart out and wishes her mama to rest in peace. The reason behind her death is unknown but it is safe to say that she was battling some kind of disease that took her life at that young age.

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