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Facts About Carol Johnson – Jerry Van Dyke’s Wife

Published Mon Sep 02 2019 By DGM
Facts About Carol Johnson – Jerry Van Dyke’s Wife

Carol Johnson is an American actress who is better recognized as the ex-wife of late Jerry Van Dyke. She is also the baby mamma of the late actor and comedian's children.

Johnson was together with Van Dyke for nearly 20 years during which they parented three children from their marriage. Here are 10 facts about her:

Ex-Husband - Jerry Van Dyke

Carol was previously married to the late legendary sitcom actor Jerry Van Dyke. She married him in 1957 and divorced in 1974 as conflicts and misunderstandings came in their marriage. 

During their 17 years of marriage, they gave birth to three children; two daughters and a son.

Three Children

As we mentioned earlier, the actress is the wonderful mother of three kids which she shares with her former spouse. Her children include two daughters; Jerri Lynn Dyke and late Kelly Jean Van Dyke and one son Ronald Dyke.

Jerry's Only Wife With Kids

Johnson is the one and only wife that the late actor Jerry had kids with. Yes, she parents three kids with her ex-husband and is the only one to do so. Other than that, Dyke doesn't have any child with his second wife Shirley Ann Jones.

A picture of Carol Johnson with her daughter Kelly.
Carol Johnson with her daughter Kelly.
Picture Credit: Panda Gossips

Daughter Kelly Was A Pornstar

The first niece of Dick Van Dyke, Kelly aka Nancee Kelly was a pornstar and used to act in adult movies such as 'My Mother the Car' and 'An Evening at Club Josephine'. She chose the profession because she was used to having sex from a young age when her father Jerry used to raper her in her teen age.

Death of Kelly

It was in 17 November, 1991 when Carol's  daughter Nancee Kelly committed suicide at her apartment. She took her own life after having a very harsh history with use of drugs. Her husband late Jack Nance was shocked by the passing away of her.

Passing Away of Ex-Spouse

The 'Accidental Family' star's ex-husband died last year in January suffering a congestive heart failure at his home in the lap of second wife, Shirley. His health was already declining after he had a car accident a couple of years back.

Former Husband Was A Millionaire

Johnson's late ex-spouse was a millionaire before he passed away. He held an amazing net worth of $40 million from his acting career in movies and television shows. 

After his death, his property would have probably been passed on to his wife Jones and his two remaining children. 

A picture of Late actor Jerry Van Dyke.
Late actor Jerry Van Dyke.
Image Source: Los Angeles Times


The beautiful actress has acted in a number of movies in the 70s. The movies that she has on her credit include 'Two for the Road', 'A Certain Smile', and 'Telefon'.

Low Profile Life 

After separating from Jerry, the actress has been living a very secretive life and maintains her personal things to herself. Neither is she is spotted in public with her kids nor is she active in social platforms. We respect her privacy and hope she is living a peaceful and happy life.

Great Granddaughter

If you don't know then Carol is a great grandmother of his son Ronald's granddaughter. Yes, her youngest photographer son has become a grandfather and his 3rd generation is too cute and adorable. 

J Van Dyke often uploaded a picture with his grandchild which makes us go Awww! Take a look at the picture of Johnson's son and great granddaughter.

A picture of Carol Johnson's son Ronald J Van Dyke and great granddaughter.
Carol Johnson's son Ronald J Van Dyke and great granddaughter.
Image Source: Instagram/Ronald J Van Dyke

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