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Meet Capa Mooty - Troy Aikman's Wife and Founder of Luxeliner

Published Mon Aug 02 2021 By Kri
Meet Capa Mooty - Troy Aikman's Wife and Founder of Luxeliner

Catherine Cecil Person also known as Capa Mooty is an American known to be a high-end fashion retailer born on October 13, 1970, in Dallas, Texas.

Capa Mooty is a co-owner of the high-end mobile boutique "Luxeliner" in Dallas, Texas. She is also married to the legendary NFL Quarterback Troy Aikman.

Founder of Luxeliner

Mooty is one of the prominent businesses ladies of America. She is known for her high fashion sense. The high-end boutique she's running started in the year 2012. The boutique sells fashion clothes and accessories. 

Capa Mooty with her business friends for Luxliner
Source: Twitter/@LUXELINER 

She alongside the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’s daughter, Charlotte Jones Anderson, and four other friends brainstormed the idea of the mobile store and brought the idea into reality turning it into a great success story.

The Luxeliner owners first brought a truck and transform it into a mobile fashion store.

Former Marriage

Capa Mooty was married to Jerry Mooty before Aikman. Jerry Mooty is an attorney and co-founder of the law firm Maccathern and Mooty LLP.

She had two sons with her ex-husband; Val and Luke. The couple couldn't continue as husband-wife nad had divorced in the year 2013.

Happily married to Aikman Now

As the saying goes everything happens for a reason, Mooty found the love of her life after ending her marriage with Jerry Mooty.

Troy is known as an American Football quarterback who is part of the Dallas Cowboys. It is believed that Mooty met Aikman through her relative's connection. It was revealed in 2016 the relationship between Aikman and Mooty.

Casa Mooty and Troy Aikman during their marriage in Montecito, California
Source: Instagram/@troyaikman

The couple after one year of dating announced their engagement in the year 2017. Three months prior to the engagement the couple tied the knot. The wedding ceremony happened on a beach outside of the Biltmore Four Seasons Hotel, Montecito, California.

Troy Aikman and Casa Mooty with their sons and daughters
source: Instagram/ @troyaikman

Aikman has two daughters from his ex-wife Ronda Worthey: Alexa Marie and Jordan Ashley and Mooty have two sons. They brought together their children after their marriage. The couple shares a happy life with all their four children.

Net Worth

Capa Mooty's net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. She earned all her wealth thanks to her high-end fashion boutique. Her boutique gained more fame and increased its financial statement thanks to her marriage to Aikman.

With Aikman having an estimated net worth of $60 million and Mooty having $3 million dollars they live a wealthy and luxurious life.

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