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Get to Know Calliope Maeve Day – Felicia Day’s Daughter With Ryon Day

Published Wed May 06 2020 By Lewis Willman
Get to Know Calliope Maeve Day – Felicia Day’s Daughter With Ryon Day

26th, January 2017 marked one of the happiest days in the lives of actress Felicia Day and her husband Ryon Day, because, that day, the pair welcomed their only daughter Calliope Maeve Day into their family. 

The news was outed by Calliope's mom via her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook outlets. She is a healthy baby born through C-Section and as per Day, she didn't develop Brest feeding complications despite Calliope Maeve was born via a surgical process.

Name and its meaning

Her first name Calliope is often used in Greek poems and it is a feminine means 'Sweet-voiced'. Likewise, her middle name Maeve is a Gaelic origin, Irish adaptation word meaning she who intoxicates. Likewise, Maeve is also the name of a brave west-Ireland's warrior queen of Connacht. Lastly, "Day" is also an Irish last-name which essentially meant "Day-Time-Servant", in various parts of Britain.

Felicia Shared the News of Via All her Social Handles! 

Parents and their Net Worth

With 27 movies and 23 TV series, Felicia Day is currently worth over $1 million. Amung all her TV protests Supernatural, The Guild, and children's series The Legend Of Neil stands out. 

Likewise, Calliope Maeve's Day's daddy, Mr. Ryon Day who keeps his information hidden from the media is reportedly a computer programmer, a gamer and an entrepreneur running an IT Company worth over $500 thousand.

Parent's relationship 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress has kept the relationship related details about her husband under wraps, the pair is often seen sharing each other's posts on their social medias. Likewise, they also share an adorable daughter together. The pair also tend to show much love and mutual care towards each-other on social platforms, which leads us to believe that they are living a happy and peaceful life together.

Felicia Day and her husband Ryon Day
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Birthday Celebration 

What Felicia shares with her daughter is a strong bond and is raising Calliope to become a strong-spirited individual. Not only on her birthdays, she comes forth to wish her daughter in Women's Day as well. She is merely a toddler, hence she should be in a day care at most.

Calliope Maeve Day & Felicia Day 
"Did Felicia change her haircut, Why is Calliope Looking at Felicia That way"


Calliope Maeve Day shares her parent's net worth and is adored by all Felicia fans, she is already living a celebrity life giving smiles to paparazzi cameras. Moreover, her designer clothes, and outfits show that her life is bountiful, as of now!

Isn't Calliope Maeve Day Growing everyday?
PC: Felicia Day's IG

Health issue

Well, only health issue she has had over three years of her lifetime is that she was born via a C-section delivery. She and her mother were let go only after three days of staying in an intensive care unit! We wish the mother and her toddler's good health!

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