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NFL’s Drew Brees’ Son Callen Christian Brees With His Wife Brittany Brees

Published Thu Sep 12 2019 By Samana
NFL’s Drew Brees’ Son Callen Christian Brees With His Wife Brittany Brees

Callen Christian Brees is the third son of the very popular couple Britanny Brees and Drew Brees. Callen Christopher was born on August 15, 2012.

The name "Callen" is a Gaelic name and in means "Powerful in battle". 

The name "Christian" means "The follower of Jesus Christ".

Parents' Net Worth

Callen's dad, Drew Brees has the massive net worth of $130 million. He earned his riches through his profession as a football player. He has been a NFL quarterback since the eyar 2001 and also has got the title of the "MVP" more than once. 

Callen's mama, Brittany Brees has the net worth of $2 million. She earned her riches through her non governmental organization named 'Brees Dream Foundation' as a co founder. She is a philanthropist who has a very big haeart and is always looking and finding ways to help the needy people. 

Parents' Relationship 

Callen Christian Brees's parents are a total relationship goals for every single, single one of us and obviously to Callen and his siblings. They have been married happily and have always stayed true and loyal to each other. 

Callen's parents first met when the two were at a college party with drew instantly falling for Brittany's beauty and her soft heart. They were introduced by their mutual friends and their chemistry instantly hit it off.

Callen's parents Drew and Brittany.
Callen's parents Drew and Brittany Brees.
Image Source: Affair Post

Drew asked her out and after the college and their entire history of relationship, asked her again, this time, her hand for marriage. Callen's mama instantly said yes to him and the two got married in the month f July, 2003. 

Three Siblings

Callen is the youngest brother among his two elder brothers and has one baby sister. Callen's elder brothers are Baylen Robert Brees who was born on 15th January 2009 and Bowen Christopher Brees who was born on 19th October 2010. 

His younger sister is Rylen Judith Brees and she was born on 25th August 2014. Being the second youngest sibling, Callen receives a huge amount a love from his big bros and younger sister to whom he gives equal love and respect. 

Callen with his parents and siblings.
Callen with his parents and siblings.
image Source: El Talk

A Cute Birthday Wish With A Cute Picture

On Callen's third birthday, he was wished a happy birthday by his father in a very cute way. A cute caption with a cute boy eating a cupcake, what could be more sweeter than that, right? The little batman shirt, the Iron Man glove, and the delicious looking Spider-Man cupcake added more cuteness to the picture. 

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