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Caiden Mills – Son of Rapper Consequence and Partner Jen “The Pen” Bayer

Published Mon Aug 12 2019 By DGM
Caiden Mills – Son of Rapper Consequence and Partner Jen “The Pen” Bayer

Caiden Mills is the son of the former Love& Hip Hop: New York (LHNNY) star Rapper Consequence with his partner Jen "The Pen" Bayer. He was born in August 2011 as the child of the first ever interracial couple of the Love & Hip Hop franchise.

The name 'Caiden' is a boy's name according to American origin and means 'Fighter'. Dexter Raymond Mills Jr. aka Rapper consequence gave his son this name because he wants him to become a fighter and succeed in his drams.

Net Worth from Rapping

Caiden Mills aka 'It's Caiden The Crownholder' holds an amazing fortune of $10,000 which he has earned via his rap songs. The number is sure to be double and tripled in the near future he is as great as his father when it comes to rapping.

A picture of Caiden Mills wearing sun glasses and posing.
Caiden Mills is already a rapper.
Image Source: Instagram@Caiden817

How Much Are His Parents Worth?

Caiden Mills's dad, Dexter or Rapper Consequence holds an astonishing net worth of $2 million which he amassed from his successful career as a rapper, CEO, and a television star. 

Mills' mother, Jen Bayer is the owner of $400,000 net worth. So, the child's parents are pretty rich and that is where he gets to buy all the fancy stuffs he wants.

Parents' Relationship

Caiden's parents are the first ever interracial couple in the entire Love & Hip Hop: New York (LHHNY) franchise. His father, Consequence met his mother Jen when they both appeared on the 3rd season of the VH1 show

They started dating since that time and have been together since. They have the young and handsome son from their relationship. Their relationship teaches us that race doesn't make matches, it's heart which does that and we shouldn't discriminate people based on their race.

A picture of Caiden Mills with his parents.
Caiden Mills with his parents.
Picture Source: Instagram@constv


You won't believe that Consequence's son is already a rapper like him despite being just 8 years old. He has already sang more than five songs which he has uploaded on his own YouTube channel. He has even sang a remix version of the hit song 'Old Town Road' and taken it to a whole new level. 

Mills has become very famous and successful from the songs that he has rapped. Some of the songs of his include 'That Dude (his father's song)', 'Yellow Diamonds', and 'Can I Kick It'.

Daddy's Prince

The 8 years old Mills is his daddy's prince and is adored by him very much. To prove, he is the one that has covered his father's Instagram by storm. 

The majority of the pictures and videos that Rapper Consequence posts feature his little boy. Lets say that he is the model of his father's IG because he is the face that we frequently see on the social platform. The posts are either of promoting his son's album or having some wonderful moments.

He has got more Followers than his dad on Instagram 

Caiden Mills is already an Internet personality and has an Instagram account of his own which goes by the name @caiden817. The most surprising thing about his account is that it has gained a huge followers' base of 53.5k followers which is a lot if compared to 39.7k followers of his dad. And his account too is managed by his dad, then how does he have more followers than his daddy? 

It might probably be because Consequence is pushing his son's career more than his. Therefore, the child has already left his father behind when it comes to Instagram followers.

North West's Date / Valentine

You'd be surprised to know that Caiden Mills is the boyfriend of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's daughter North West. Yes, as a matter of fact, she was the valentine of Rapper Consequence's son. 

Last valentine, the 8 years old child actor posted many pictures associating to his 6 years old date. He even bought a heart shaped necklace and posted it on IG captioning that she would love it and he is coming to visit her. It seems like the child rapper is already wandering for a cute and lovely partner.

A picture of Caiden Mills with Kanye West's daughter, North West.
Caiden Mills with Kanye West's daughter, North West.
Image Source: Instagram@caiden817

When the news of Mills dating West broke out, people on social media went crazy. They said that they looked adorable together and some said that the child had a girlfriend but they were single despite being an adult man. That brought a bit fun to the matter. The two kids know each other through their dads, because they have worked together a lot. 

When asked to Kardashian, she says that she doesn't have a boyfriend she is too young to have one. Whatever the truth might be, we would surely love the two cute little celebrity babies each other.

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