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Know Bryiana Noelle Flores - Rob Dyrdek's Wife and Model

Published Tue May 25 2021 By Aashika
Know Bryiana Noelle Flores - Rob Dyrdek's Wife and Model

Bryiana Noelle Flores is an American model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. She took the limelight by tied a knot with former professional skateboarder, actor, director, producer Rob Dyrdek. 

She was born on 21 July 1991 in Salinas, California, United States of America. Although her parent's details and educational background are hidden from the media. She is also recognized as the World's Perfect Pageant winner which makes her a famous supermodel of 2014. 

Let's get some close facts about her:

How Much Does Flores Have Net Worth?

Bryiana Noelle Flores has a probable net worth of $3 million which she makes most of her earning from modeling career as well as other business ventures. She won the Miss Teen of the Nation award in 2008, later Miss California Teen in 2010. 

Following her dream, she achieved superstardom when the "Playboy's Magazine" featured in September 2013 named her Playmate of the Month.

Her other source of income is advertisement, billboards and brand endorsement. Flores is serving as the President of Iconic Beauty. On other hand, her husband holds a net worth of $50 million.  

Romantic Proposal by Rob Dyrdek

Bryiana Flores is found to be very lucky when her long-time boyfriend Rob Dyrdek proposed romantically. The two met in 2013  and soon after started a romantic relationship. The couple went on a trip to Disneyland, where her boyfriend proposed by riding on an elephant in the Aladdin section of the park and hold up to the stage and goes down on one knee. 

It was so magical she was impressed with Rob's proposal immediately say's "YES!!". The engagement ring appears to be a colorless 10-carat-plus round solitaire diamond in a simple six-prong setting.

A picture where Rob Dyrdek is on his one knee to propose Bryiana Flores. 
Image Source: Twitter (@robdyrdek)

Married to Husband

The couple Flores and Dyrdek got married on September 19, 2015, got a private ceremony along with family and friends. Bryiana looked absolutely stunning in her white gown with a matching white bouquet and groom Rob's in a white suit. 

The wedding ceremony was planned by Sharon Sacks. Her solo picture on her wedding day is captioned with "Hi! I'm Mrs. Dyrdek, nice to meet you!". Since every couple is happily together. 

A wedding picture of Bryiana Flores and Rob Dyrdek.
Image Source: Twitter (robdyrdek)


Seeing her pictures it is very hard to believe that she is the mother of two lovely kids. She became a mother for the first time on September 9, 2016, welcomed baby boy Kodah Dash Dyrdek at 7;28P.M. 

Rob took Instagram, to share pictures of the little ones with fans. After a year on June 24, 2017, they welcome a second child, a baby girl Nala Ryan Dyrdek. She also shares a family of four pictures holding a newly born baby on her Instagram. 

A family photo of Bryiana Flores, Rob Dyrdek, Kodah Dash Dyrdek, and Nala Ryan Dyrdek.
Image Source: Instagram (@bryianadyrdek) 

Lavish House

Mrs. Dyrdek is living lavishing mansion along with her family. Although her husband is into Estates called Mulholland Estates worth $9.9 million on vacant 3.1 - acre lot in 2015. In 2018, they built a mansion worth $6 million which has 4 -bedrooms which expand to 7,000 square feet. They proceeded to perform extensive and expensive renovations. 

And third Mulholland Estates home worth $8.5 million which expands 7,500 sq. ft which consists of 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms with full facilities. 

The luxurious house of Bryiana Flores and Rob Dyrdek in Los Angeles. 
Image Source: Variety

Health Issues 

At her young age, she had suffered from a fatal disease called Leukemia. According to the doctors, she only had two options: bone marrow transplantation or continuing with medication. Flores went through treatment with Make-A-Wish Foundation, also went swimming with the Dolphins in Hawaii. After sometimes she beat the disease and come over it in time. 

Social Media

Bryiana Flores is super active on her social media has a huge fan following. Over 49.5k followers on Twitter and 671k followers on Instagram account. She also has a Facebook account with 637k followers. She usually shares photos and videos with lovely family along with a bright smile on her face. 

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