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Facts About Brooke Wexler - Netflix's TV Show "Richie Rich" Actress

Published Tue Sep 24 2019 By Akki
Facts About Brooke Wexler - Netflix's TV Show "Richie Rich" Actress

Brooke Wexler is a Canadadian actress and model, who has been taking a breaking from the show business. She is currently working as an Event Assistant for Blue Revolver Inc. 

Wexler was born on May 18, 1993, in Toronto, Canada. Her sun sign is Taurus through her birth date and belongs to white communities. 

Here are 10 facts about Brooke Wexler life;

What's her Net Worth? 

Brooke Wexler is an impressive net worth of $700,000, which she accumulated through her profession as an actress and model. Her fortune includes her income from the various entertainment endeavors. 

Brooke Wexler taking a photo with her boyfriend.
Brooke Wexler pose for a picture with her boyfriend.
Image Source: Insta@brookewex

An average salary of a Canadian actress is around $37,196 per year as stated in the PayScale, whereas its reports, an actress earns around 19.77 Canadian dollars per hour.

House in California

Wexler is the resident of Los Angeles, California, and live in a gigantic mansion. According to the Zillow, the house in Los Angeles cost higher than $100,000. 


Jake Warner is the best thing that ever happens into Brooke Wexler's life, according to herself. The lovers considers themselves as soulmate that God has sent from all above heaven. Recently on September 16, 2019, the lovebird celebrates their ninth anniversary of their relationship. 

The bond between the pair has grown more strong day by day than they ever had. The two has taken their relationship into the next level, where fans and well-wisher of the two might get the good news of their marriage till the end of the year.

Two Siblings 

Brooke has two siblings; a brother Leo Wexler and a sister Rachel Wexler. Rachel is an elder sister of Brooke, born on 4th of March 1989 in Canada.  

Brooke Wexler taking a group picture with her siblings.
Brooke Wexler with her siblings.
Image Source: Insta@brookewex

Leo is a younger brother to Brooke, born on May 17, 2011, in Canada.

Education - Alma Mater 

Taking about Wexler's qualification, she has a Bachelor's Degree in media production from Pepperdine University. She has also a certificate of the teen acting program from the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television.

Body Measurement 

Sequestered Actress Brooke is a stunning actress with a tempting hot figure with a slim body build. She weight around 55 kg standing 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) tall in height. She has a long brown smooth hair with a magnetic topaz gem brown eyes.

Social Work 

Wexler is a kind heart woman and believes in helping helpless people. She has been actively involved with a non-profit social organization like; Wags & Walks, who works for animal welfare. She works as a volunteer staff for the organization. 

Nature Lover 

Canadian Actress Wexler has an adventurers personality, where she loves to have new experiences trying everything she hasn't done. She keeps herself busy constantly traveling different place doing hiking, taking bath in waterfall, swimming in the ocean enjoying small to tiny amount of free hour from wonderful life.

Brooke Wexler pose for a picture.
Brooke Wexler taking a picture.
Image Source: Insta@brookewex

Animal Lover 

Brooke Wexler is an animal lover and speaks in the right and welfare of them. She owns the lovely dog 'Bowie' and the pet is one of the precious members of her family. She is spirited and playful, love to walk down the street with her pet. 

The soft corner side of her heart always misses 'Bowie', whenever she is out of the country working aboard.

Acting Career  

After completion of the teen acting program, Wexler did her acting debut with thriller TV series "Sequestered" in 2014 as Jenny Brandt. After that, in 2015 she also appeared in the role of Irona in comedy series "Richie Rich". 

The same year, she got nominated in 2018 Golden Maple Awards in the category of "Newcomer of the Year" for her excellent performance in the series.

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