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Bridget Satterlee - Who Once Dated Scott Disick For Brief Time

Published Sun Dec 19 2021 By aayush
Bridget Satterlee - Who Once Dated Scott Disick For Brief Time

Bridget Satterlee is an American-born model in California. She was born on 3rd December 1997.

The model has worked for Nous Models LA, The Hive, Why Not Milan, and UNO. The model is quite good at horse riding since she used to ride horses before she enrolled in modeling.  

The 5ft 9inches (175cm) tall model also represented the USA in the 2014 Elite Model Look Final, although she was not able to win the competition.

Bridget Satterlee sitting in a cafe posing for her Instagram post wearing a black coat
Bridget Satterlee posing in a cafe. Instagram:@bridgetsatterlee

Information regarding Bridget's family

Although her being a public figure Satterlee has not disclosed any information about her parents on any social media or interview. But she has said that her father is the one who always supported her throughout her modeling career.

Her father is the person who helped Bridget to get into modeling for the first time through one of his friends. While her educational background still hides in the dark.

What is Satterlee's net worth?

Being a model of different magazines and company Satterlee means a hefty sum of money. Most of her income comes from her profession (modeling) itself. Bridget Satterlee's net worth is $3million.

She also owns the Mercedes luxurious SUVs and lives in a fully lavished house of her own.

Bridget Satterlee posing in front of her white Mercedes SUV wearing a black crop dress
Bridget Satterlee posing in front of her Mercedes. source: Instagram@bridgetsatterlee

The beautiful model also has different collaborations and endorsements with various big brands and influencers as well.

Is Birdget Satterlee single?

Seeing Satterlee's eye-pleasing beauty and her bold personality every boy would not want to date her?

Satterlee currently is in a relationship with famous music artist Trevis Brendmoe. The couple has been dating since 2019 and is happy.

 Although Satterlee is private about her family and other things she did not hesitate to show off her relationship with Trevis Brendmoe. They were seen together on different events like "Smile Train World Smile", "Clarins x Malibu Foundation Host Replant Love 2021". 

Bridget Satterlee and Trevis Brendmoe kissing. source: Instagram@bridgetsatterlee.


Bridget Satterlee and Scott Disick

This was one of the hottest rumors back in 2017. Is Satterlee dating Scott Disick? Scott Disick is a widely known handsome hunk who dated the supermodel Kourtney Kardashian.

Back in 2017, he was also seen hanging out with Satterlee. They were seeing each other but the relationship did not last much longer.

Scott Disick hugging Bridget Satterlee, where Scott wears a white t-shirt  and Bridget wearing a white top
Bridget Satterlee and Scott Disick have a good time together. source: Daily mail

Facts about Satterlee

The super cute and beautiful girl with a bold and amazing personality has a different life outside cameras.

Bridget is a foodie. She posts lots of pictures of her going out to have different food on her Instagram story. She loves pets. She has lots of her Instagram posts with her Golden Retriever dog in the frame. 

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