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Bridget Lancaster Net Worth

Published Fri Jan 13 2023 By sush
Bridget Lancaster Net Worth

Did you know that Bridget Lancaster from America's Test Kitchen (ATK) has an astonishing net worth of $2 million? You would not have guessed she was a millionaire since she is a television chef. Though surprising, it's true. 

Bridget has been involved in many cooking fests and programs that have earned her colossal fame and money. And she also came to recognition as the co-host of the show America's Test Kitchen, which is pretty famous and is doing very well in the business. But did you know she was also the executive producer of the show?

Bridget's $2 Million Net Worth 

Bridget Lancaster is a chef with an estimated net worth of $2 million. Do you think she earned her fortune by being a chef alone? The answer is a definite no. Who wouldn't want it if being in love with the food and its making process made $2 million?  

ATK co-host and cook, Bridget Lancaster.
ATK co-host and cook, Bridget Lancaster. (Source: Connecticut Public)

You know she is a television personality and chef. Being a television personality, she has made appearances in shows like Nova Science Now, Home & Family, and Ask This Old House. She has also appeared in the pilot episode of the comedy series Shameless. 

Moreover, along with ATK, Bridget also produces and hosts the podcast, Proof. Also, she has different sponsors and endorsements like Amazon, which helps add up to her income. Though an entertainment personality, she is off social media, so she doesn't earn from her social media.

How Much Does Bridget Make From ATK?

Before Bridget became the co-host of ATK, she was a regular cook on the show. But after the original host, Christopher Kimball, left the show, she started hosting the show along with Julia Collin Davison. After that, she began to gain prominence as a chef. And as mentioned, she is also one of the show's executive producers. So, she has gained much from being a part of the show.

Bridget Lancaster in ATK
Bridget Lancaster in ATK. (Source: America's Test Kitchen)

As the face, cook, and host of the show, Bridget earned over $67k. She is one of the show's key recipe creators and test cooks. She is also the key person that pulls up the major audience of the show. And as an executive editor and producer, she reportedly makes around $97k.

Bridget Gets Book Endorsements From ATK

Bridget Lancaster has written a recipe book along with her co-worker and friend, Julia Collin Davison, as part of America's Test Kitchen. The book is named Cooking At Home With Bridget And Julia and has over 150 recipes. In the book, she and Julia share some of their personal favorite test kitchen recipes.

Bridget Lancaster's book with her co-worker, Julia Collin Davison.
Bridget Lancaster's book with her co-worker, Julia Collin Davison. (Source: Goodreads)

Through the book, ATK's company has achieved huge success and earned a massive sum. In 2018 alone, the book had 1.3 million sales. Similarly, in 2019, just under a million copies were sold through Amazon. So, with all these sales, Bridget has been gaining a hefty sum as royalties and endorsements come in.

Revenue Of Bridget's Show ATK: It Dropped

The show America's Test Kitchen(ATK) is an American cooking show that experiments with recipes, ingredients, and cookware in a large test kitchen. The show is famous among the people for its food content and cookware reviews. As one of the most beloved shows, it reportedly had an annual revenue of around $50 million in the previous years.

ATK also produces cookbooks, newsletters, magazines, and digital content, which are popular. Moreover, most of the show's earnings come from the subscription business, which makes up 60% of the company's overall revenue. As per reports, they have 1.3 million paid print subscribers, and 420,000 paid digital subscribers.

However, as you all may know, ATK had a lawsuit with its former CEO, Christopher Kimball (Chris), the show's original host. You might also know that Chris denied the accusations and sued the show instead. According to his complaint, the company's profits fell from $22 million to $18 million. And according to Zappia, the annual revenue of the show America''s Test Kitchen was $12 million last year. So the show's revenue actually went downhill than in the former years. 

YouTube Earnings of America's Test Kitchen

America's test kitchen is a beloved American cooking show that is very famous. Since many people seek healthy recipes and good taste, they opt for the show because it has some of the most delicious and healthy dishes. And as the show focuses much on the general public, their YouTube channel gathers mass viewers for their fun recipes, which also adds to the show's income. 

The show runs its youtube channel under its name and has around 1.80 million subscribers. Reportedly, it earns around 15k monthly from YouTube and roughly sums up to about $135k- $807k per year. Depending on the show's creativity and fun flavors, they can make an impressive sum on YouTube by entertaining their viewers. 

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