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Brendan Sexton III - Facts About Him Including His Disturbing Role

Published Sun Aug 15 2021 By Aashika
Brendan Sexton III - Facts About Him Including His Disturbing Role

Brendan Sexton III is a prominent actor who is known for portraying the role of Mugger in the film "Everybody's Fine". He has been contributing to the entertainment field for more than 26 years. 

On 21st February 1980, he came into this world in Staten Island, New York, United States. The actor is the son of George Grant Scott and Lucy Lavinia Crane. He passed his childhood with his nine siblings. 

Let's know more information about him which people are curious about.

How Much Does Sexton III Have Net Worth?

Brendan Sexton III has a whopping amount of net worth which is around $6 million. He has accumulated as an actor, director, and screenwriter. His first debut work in the industry is "Welcome to the Dollhouse" as Brandon McCarthy. 

Then, appeared in many films and series like "The Secret", "Neal Cassady", "The Girl in the Park", "The Killing", "Chicago P.D.", and so on. Not only as an actor, but he worked as a director and writer in the short film "Blake". 

Brendan Sexton III in the series "Russian Doll".
Image Source: Polygon 

Awards For Outstanding Performances

In his 27 years of profession in the film industry, the actor has received numerous awards such as the "BSFC Award" for "Seven Psychopaths", "Los Angeles Movie Award" and "Filmmaker Award" for "Cathedrals". He was nominated for the "SDFCS Award", "Festival Award", "Independent Spirit Award", and so on. 

Most Disturbing Role

Brendan's one of the disturbing roles was in the film "Boys Don't Cry" as the character Marvin Thomas Neeson. The movie is based on the life and murder of a lesbian/trans man, Brandon Teena. Mr. Sexton III played the role of a troubled gay man, who eventually raped and murder Teena to avoid facing his own sexuality. He has played a negative role in this film. 

Brendan Sexton III in the film "Boys Don't Cry" in 1999.
Image Source: IMDb

Upcoming Project

Sexton will be appearing in the film "God Is a Bullet". In the movie, he will be seen in the role of Granny Boy. The actor is currently working on the film and also has not completed it yet. Like his acting in other fantastic projects, he will make sure to entertain his audiences and wins their hearts.

Relationship and Married Life

"New Money" actor Brendan Sexton III has not opened up his personal life information. There is not any information about his relationship to date. He was never spotted with his partner on the red carpet or any other events. 

As we all know, he is a secretive person and likes to keep his mouth silent when it comes to his relationship or married life. 

Brendan Sexton III's Childhood

He has quite rough childhood because his parents got a divorce when he was a kid. They parted their ways whereas his mother shifted to Virginia, and his father lived in Staten Island, New York. Having nine siblings also Brendan lived with his father and his brothers-sisters were with his mother. 

His siblings are Eben Sexton, Carinna Sexton, Amber Sexton, Zoe Sexton, Lisa Sexton, Ilona Sexton, David Sexton, Tara Sexton, and Oona Sexton. They are away from the limelight and have not appeared in front camera to date. 

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