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Facts About Brahman Galanti - Bondwomen Baby Lyssa's Former Husband

Published Thu Jul 09 2020 By Aashika
Facts About Brahman Galanti - Bondwomen Baby Lyssa's Former Husband

Brahman Galanti came into limelight after getting married to Lyssa Chapman aka ‘Baby Lyssa’, an American businesswoman and former bail bondswoman and bounty hunter. 

The couple married in 2009 but they split after three years from which they share one daughter; Madalynn Grace.

Here are some unknown facts that you should about Chapman’s husband.

Ex-wife’s Net Worth

Lyssa Chapman has an estimated net worth of around $500 thousand which she made through her business.  She is a former bail bondswoman and earned a quite amount of income from her role on A&E TV’s Dog the Bounty Hunter along with her father Daune “Dog” Chapman. 

Whereas Chapman is also an author of the book, Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage Amid Chaos, which cost $23.25 for Hardcover and $11.99 for Kindle. 

Early Life

Galanti was born on 24th July 1993, in Hawaii, United States. He grew up with his family in the peaceful environment of Hawaii. Moreover, he belongs to mixed ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Married Life of Brahman Galanti

Galanti tied the knot with his former wife on February 20, 2009. They got married in the presence of their family members and friends in Oahu, Hawaii. They were living happily for 3 years and welcomed a baby girl but unfortunately, they couldn’t make their marriage so far. The pair got divorced in 2011. 

A wedding picture of Brahman Galanti and Lyssa Chapman.
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Reason Behind Their Divorce

The real reason for their separation was due to the abuse that Lyssa Faced. Galanti abused Chapman on multiple occasions which led Lyssa to take hard decisions. 

Back in 2010, she left the house of Galanti and went to her father’s house. Later, she finally decided and filed for divorce in the court in February 2011. Since their ways departed there is no info about Brahman.

Life After split

As mentioned previously, Brahman began living a private life, away from the camera. Whereas his ex-wife, Baby Lyssa is in a relationship with her girlfriend, Liena for the past 6 years. Her girlfriend is a fitness trainer. In 2018, the duo got engaged and enjoying their long relationship. 

His ex-wife with her fiancee Liena.

Daughter - Madalynn Grace 

He is the father of a daughter whose name is Madalynn Grace Galanti in 2009. She is now 11 years old. She lives with her mother and very close to her older sibling who is from a different father. 

Madalynn is enjoying her childhood and spends time outdoors with family. She is an animal lover. Galanti has good terms with his daughter.

Brahman Galanti with ex-wife and daughter Madalynn Grace Galanti.
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Lyssa Chapman's Violennt Teenage Life 

Chapman's childhood was very rough. She grew up in an environment where her father, Daune Chapman was a crack addict and an alcoholic mother, Lyssa Rae Brittain

Baby Lyssa got pregnant with her first child when she was only 14 years. She gave birth to a daughter, Abbie Mae Chapman. She revealed that a man who raped her was 24 years old who was arrested under a statutory rape charge during her second pregnancy.

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