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Get to Know Brad Zibung - Sarah Spain's Husband Who is a Real Estate Broker

Published Wed Apr 28 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Brad Zibung - Sarah Spain's Husband Who is a Real Estate Broker

Brad Zibung is recognized as the husband of television personality, Sarah Spain. Apart from knowing his personal life, he is also a renowned real estate agent.

He was born in November 1976, in the United States. Zibung completed his education at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where got graduated in 1999. 

Let's look at some information to know more about Brad Zibung. 

Net Worth and Income Source

Brad Zibung has an impressive amount of net worth which is $3 million. He has been making income from his profession as a founder and real estate broker. His career began as an employee in a corporate communication company, "Leo Burnett". 

Later, shifted to UW Oshkosh and worked as a PR assistant for two years. His career breakthrough when he joined "StubHub", were severed for 10 years as Senior Field Operation Manager. In 2014, Spain's husband moved to the real estate business and work as a realtor on "@properties". Currently, he runs the satirical newspaper, "The Heckler", where he is the co-founder and creator. 

Engaged in Charity Works

He has been involved in numerous social works along with his spouse. Zibung has supported and contributed to the "Parks Conservation Association", the "Peace for Pits", and so on. 

Recently, he donated and helps to raised funds for a non-profit organization, "Syrian Community Network". In addition, he has also engaged in sports organizations like "Off the Street Club".   

Husband of Celebrity 

A real estate agent, Brad Zibung is a married man who exchanged the vows with ESPN's anchor, Sarah Spain. The couple walked into the aisle on 29th May 2016. They met for the first time in 2008 at the charity bowling events. 

Then, began to know each other, soon started dating which lasted for 5 years. Brad proposed to Sarah during her vacation in Tanzania. After this, they tied the knot and went to New Zealand and Australia for their honeymoon. The couple has been in a happy married life which has been almost 5 years. 

A wedding day picture of Brad Zibung and his wife Sarah Spain.
Image Source: Instagram 

Has Dogs

Mr. Zibung is avid of dogs and has three dogs as a pet. Not only he, but Mrs. Spain is also obsessed with dogs. The pair treat them as family members and love as parents. The dogs often feature on social media account of both. 

Three dogs of Brad Zibung. 
Image Source: Instagram

Close with Neice and Nephew

Brad and his wife really have warm bonding with their niece and nephew. The two often post pictures and videos of the children. In fact, on holidays or vacations, they went with their niece and nephew which we can see Ion their Instagram account. 

In one of Zibung's posts, he shared the picture of his niece while they were having a video chat where he captioned, "Facetime with my niece makes me feel better". 

Brad Zibung shared the picture of his niece on video chat. 

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