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Get to Know Bobbi Jo Black - Facts and Photos of Zhavia Ward's mother

Published Sun Nov 22 2020 By pratikshya
Get to Know Bobbi Jo Black - Facts and Photos of Zhavia Ward's mother

Bobbi Jo Black is a well-known social media personality. Before getting into fame she was a singer and a screamer in a famous metal band, 'Xenoterra'. She is also known as the mother of a popular singer and songwriter, Zhavia Ward.

Born on February 1, 1974, in the United States of America. She is the daughter of Bobbi Vowell who is a singer by profession whereas her father's name is disclosed but worked in the construction site. 

Let's get to know Black more nearly:

What's Her Net Worth? 

Black's estimated net worth is $ 1million which she gained through her multiple of a career as a metal vocalist and as an Instagram star. 

She has started her career as a receptionist at a music school whose tentatively annual income is $29,244. In fact, as the singer of a metal band, 'Xenoterra', through which her income also increases. 

Vocalist of the metal band 'Xenoterra'.
Image Source: Twitter

Runs Business

In 2008, Bobbi opened dreadlocks making salon "Hot Head Dreads", which attract more followers on her Instagram account. 

After her daughter Zhavia's performance on the show The Four: Battle of Stardom. Nevertheless, she owned an embroidery shop where a custom design is printed on T-shirt, Jackets, and other more. 

Married Life with Cody  

Bobbi Jo Black has recently got married on 18th September 2020 with her long time boyfriend now husband Cody. She said "Yes" to him on 21 August 2020, they share a beautiful picture of her engagement ring on Instagram account. The ceremony was held in between family and closed ones.

Bobbi Jo Black with her husband Cody and her pet. 
Image Source: Instagram 

Mother of Four Children 

Bold and beautiful hairstylist is a single mother of her four children. After the divorce from her ex-husband, she up brings all children single. She gave birth to her first daughter Poiema Victoria on December 25, 1997, who is a Model and Instagram star.

The second daughter Zhavia Vercetti on 6th March 2001, who is a successful singer and songwriter. Later, Blacks gave birth to a third daughter Tabitha Elle and the fourth child is a son Pierce. She has a special bond with all four kids as loving and strong mother. 

Three daughters Poiema Victoria, Zhavia Vercetti, and Tabitha Elle. 
Image Source:

Tattoo and Piercing 

Black has multiple tattoos on her body. On her body, she has a different image like on the neck, flowers on left hands, a big rose design on the right leg, half-moon, and metal wire on the wrist. There are many image ink overall finger.

She has done two side noses piercing on the right side and in middle and wore a ring on it which looks her more stunning. 

Bobbi Jo Black's tattoos on her shoulder and arms.
Image Source: Pinterest

Love Traveling 

Besides her busy work schedule, she takes out some weeks for her travel diaries. She has been to various countries such as Bali, New Mexico, Italy, France, and many more. She has posted her videos and relaxing picture on her Instagram which holds over 33.4k followers. 

Dog Lover 

She is a huge dog lover with Chihuahua breed calls Bambi. And the other two dogs kinds are Doberman and American Pit Bull Terrier. All three dogs are much closed to her. She really likes spending her free time with them. 

Her Ex-Husband

Metal vocalist, Blacks married with a singer of an R & B singer, whose details are completely mysterious. She never mentioned his name and other details in public. Before getting married she was pregnant with her first child, Zhavia Vercetti. Later two got hitched in a private ceremony. However, after giving birth to four children the couple got separated. The reason behind their divorce is very top secret.

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