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Blake Lively’s Nose Correction – Photos of Before and After Plastic Surgery

Published Thu Jul 11 2019 By DGM
Blake Lively’s Nose Correction – Photos of Before and After Plastic Surgery

The American actress Blake Lively, who is well known as 'Serena van der Woodsen' from the hit drama TV series 'Gossip Girl', is rumored to have a nose job. She is also linked with rumors of doing other surgeries like breasts implants, and eyelid surgery which aren't confirmed by the diva, yet her pictures tell a different story.

Blake clearly denies any plastic surgery speculations made on her, but, here are a few possibilities that strongly argues the argument:

Blake's Before & After Comparison

The 'The Age of Adaline' star is accused of having a nose correction because her nose layout has seriously changed a lot if we take a look at the picture from her past and the present. Just take a look at the photo given below:

A before and after picture of Blake Lively.
Blake Lively before (left) and after (right).

It is true that the Los Angeles native's nose structure has really changed throughout the years. The nose on the left picture is a bit thick and the one in the right has a thinner nose line. 

Is It Really A Nose Job?

The mother of Inez Reynolds and James Reynolds has altered her nose layout throughout her acting career. We can easily point out the difference in her nose if we compare her before and after pictures above. Her nose is slimmer and thinner than how it was before.

When asked if Ryan Reynolds' wife went under the knife, she always credits her exercise and good metabolism for her nose layout. Though there are slight chances that workout and proper diet can cause transformation in one's face, her change is a bit unbelievable. 

Eyelid Surgery Rumor

There is a strong rumor that the 'A Simple Favor' star also got her eyelids done. She allegedly reduced the bagginess from her lower eyelids and also reduced the excess skin from her upper eyelids. The picture given above clearly exemplifies her changing eyelids.

A before and after picture showing change in Blake Lively's eyelids.
Blake Lively's eyelids have changed.

Breast Augmentation Rumor

Eric Lively's sister is also insinuated of having breast implants as her breasts' size has undoubtedly changed throughout her acting career. Her breasts were medium-sized before, but now have become shockingly larger. 

Blake Lively's breasts size has changed throughout these years.
Blake Lively has allegedly enhanced her breasts.

While many believe that Blake Lively had a breast job done, most of her fans insist that her breasts' size increased following her post-pregnancy. It can be true as she is a mother of two kids. But if her breasts increased after giving birth, her belly would have also gained some weight. Hence, this is doubtful!

Did you know that actress Alexandra Daddario is also rumored to have breast implants?

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